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“She wanted a nine month leave from her job. She was assured that everything will be the same when she returns. Co-workers uttered kind words, promises made and “see you soon” said. She walked out of her office that day with the smile on her face. The company surely did not want her to go but she has other responsibilities as a woman, as a wife & most importantly as a mother that she was about to be. She felt sure she would be able to come back once all this is over and settled.

She had her priorities and after all it was just about nine months in her long career she thought. Everyone deserves sometime for themselves.








She went through the tough period of her life with her loving husband, who was ready to support her always, and a caring family. And there she held that little creature in her hands after nine long months of patience. She looked into those tender eyes; she vowed to give it everything it will ever want.

Now it was time to get back to business. She contacted the company she left. She did not get any reply. She tried contacting her colleagues to get the same result. Eventually she walked into the office straight away and find out what the matter was.

She went to the reception and asked for an appointment with Mr. Khanna (her ex-boss) to her amazement she was informed that Mr. Khanna does not work there any longer. The office had a new boss. She became anxious. What was she to do now?

coming back 5









She then decided to apply for the job again and to her surprise she did get a reply. But then she realized they will not give her back the old post she held. She was offered a lesser post and a lesser pay package.”

50,000 women every year are unable to get their jobs back, after maternity leave. Some fail to do so for their own personal reasons. Some however do not get jobs and the working conditions they deserve.









I wish I could know the reason for this discrimination. But these are just facts which I can look at with a heavy heart. I don’t know if pregnancy makes a woman less capable of doing a job that she used to do or some other reason. Perhaps the employers think she will now devote more time to her family and her child.

Well it must be acknowledged that if a woman becomes a mother, a man becomes a father too. But I have never heard of such discrimination done to them. Parenting is a phase of life that bestows men and women with equal responsibilities.

It is the idea that a new born child is a mother’s responsibility, that makes the society look at pregnant women with pitiful eyes. They cannot see her as the independent women she once used to be.

Even after there have been examples like Kerry Washington and Natalia Vodianova, women who have  dared to come back after their pregnancy why is this still a big question?

We have seen people and celebrities coming back after their worst nightmares, after facing police charges, drug abuse & so much more, yet, performing as good as ever. However girls what we here need is not luck or hard work but it is all about smart work.

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Here are a few things you must keep in mind if you are planning a comeback after those nine long months. Well as we all know that keeping a job and getting promotion involves a lot of office politics. This is something very crucial, you must keep a confidante at your office would inform you all about what’s going on there. In a nutshell, to keep a track of things that can affect you is a good idea.

There are also, KIT days i.e. “keep in touch” days which you can consult your employer about. An employee can work part time or just stay in touch with work and still be paid some part of her salary. Here idea is to not let your company forget you. It would also make you more comfortable when you return to work after your maternity leave.

As women, you do deserve that period of nine months but to make the society believe that you are still the same you need to go a step ahead. Take that extra mile for the sake of your career and your identity. Nothing is impossible. It may take a little time to let the world know it but we can look forward to a better society.

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Being a woman is tough it never was easy. But it is equally true that women have the potential to do so. Post-pregnancy comeback is something women must accept as a challenge. It your battle and yours alone, there will be no body around but you must keep faith and move ahead because that is where future is.

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