Communication Gap

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In the present scenario communication gap has become one of the major reasons for all the complications involving in life. Look around and you can found numerous instances where a slight conversation could have solved the problems but the absence of these have brought severe impacts which one has to face. Why is it that we fail to understand what our dear ones want to convey to us? Why is it that we don’t realize the necessity of looking at things from others perspective? Why can’t we be more understanding? Why can’t we live up to the expectations of others? Why do we tend to show this indifference?
Imagine a situation where you have to ask permission from your parents for something that is important to you. Now this situation can possibly have three outcomes. First- your parents may agree to your choice. This case happens to be a rare one as we seldom get to see this level of understanding between the parents and the children. Second- one out of the two is more dominating and the other has to accept the decision made by the stronger one. This case can keep one of the sides happy but unfortunately this happiness is due to other’s sacrifice. Third- is the case wherein both the sides tend to take their stand with full determination. The third case happens to be the worst as it keeps neither of the two sides happy. Both sides fight till the very end to prove themselves right and land up in a melancholic situation. Now think of the possible methods that could have been adopted to avoid this problem. Could it be that you should have tried to explain your situation to your parents in a better way. Could it be that your parents could have shown more flexible nature. Or could it be that you should have tried to understand the reasons for their denial. The situation could be possibly looked by many ways but the lack of looking from other’s perspective aggravates the problem. A simple conversation could have avoided this troublesome situation. But we tend to be indifferent to other’s feeling. We don’t even make the slightest effort to look at the situation from other’s point of view.
This indifference and rigidity in our demeanor can be attributed to our lifestyle. Each individual portrays himself or herself as the rulers of his or her world. We have this feeling of always being right no matter what the situation is. We tend to live in this misconception that we are the only ones who know what the right thing to be done is. When someone presents his or her ideas to us, we tend to just listen for the sake of listening. We do not listen to him or her to understand what he or she wants to say rather we just listen to let him or her speak. In fact in many cases we do not let the other person express themselves.
This virus of communication gap has made space for itself in society. People of all ages are hit by this problem at some time or the other. Be it in a family, among friend or in office; we can see disputes arising because of communication gap almost everywhere. Teenagers are the most affected victims. They seem to face this trouble at their homes, schools and even among friends. Instead of sorting out the problems, the young generation opts for ways wherein they can protect their so called ‘ego’ from being maimed. Even in workplaces this virus seems to have shown its drastic effect as a result of which the relation between employees has deteriorated with time. Due to the competitive environment, the aura in office has lost its pristine form. People are no longer at ease while working with their colleagues. The healthy and amicable environment has ceased to exist in such places. The homely aura is long gone and the friendly conversations long forgotten. People have changed a lot.
All we need to overcome this problem is a little change in our demeanor. We need to look at things from all dimensions and learn to listen to others. We need to make an effort, an honest and sincere effort, to understand others. Regardless of who the person is, we should learn to respect their opinion and listen sincerely to them. Listening which is done with the effort of understanding the other person and not just for the sake of listening.
By bringing these changes, we can surely give a new shape to our lives. We can make living better for not only ourselves but also for those around us. This small change will bring great changes in our lives. Changes which will surely bring peace to your life and help you experience serenity. We will observe how these things make our lives more calm and easy going. Things become easier than ever. This will surely make sense in our lives as well. So just implement these changes and experience the colors creating masterpieces on the canvas of life.

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  • Aditya

    A nice treatment to the topic…appreciable. Truly said a little change in one’s demeanor and cutting his her ego could bring a positive change.