“No complains, No Demands.”

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All you Indians, does this line ring a bell? No? Well, this actually is a dialogue delivered by Katrina Kaif in the movie “Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani” when she was asked why she loves reading books. Now you remember, right? That is one completely correct statement regarding books. They are really a person’s best friend, is it not? People who are not so fond of reading books themselves may feel that the ones who love reading books are boring. Yes, I have heard that a lot of times. But you know what? I just don’t seem to care! Because only the ones, who love reading, will understand the joy we incur from it. After all, they are our best teachers and our best guides.

Reading a book is the best way of relaxation. Enjoying reading is a deeply satisfying pursuit. Some listen to music, some watch a movie and some, sleep. When we listen to good music, we are constantly thinking about things, be it past experiences or future aspirations. While watching a movie, we are deeply indulged in it, consuming every detail. What books do is that, they bring back our imaginations alive and make us believe that our imaginations have no limit. It develops the creative side of people. How about reading Harry Potter? We created a world of magic in our heads, entirely different from the world in which we live in and we have lived each moment as if we were a part of it, making us forget our sorrows, every time. It is fun to think about how I, being a child, used to pick up a stick and cast spells, especially the patronus charm, and I so wished that a silver stag would come out of it! And also on seeing a recently delivered letter, I used to open it myself thinking it to be my Hogwarts invitation letter! This is how real it all begins to seem.

Reading always tends to make you smarter and develop your mind. There are huge lists of things you learn from reading books. One thing which every book delivers is some knowledge or some facts which was completely unknown to you, be it regarding places, food, lifestyle, wildlife, anything! Books make us believe that there is also no limit to knowledge. Readers come across new facts, every single time. And that’s exactly how we are more knowledgeable than the non-readers to some extent. This leads to intelligent and constructive conversations between individuals, and that, my friend, does not make you boring. That definitely makes you hot!

Reading shapes a person’s life. Whatever we read and learn from it, we constantly try to implement it on our daily lives. There are ways in which it affects our behavioral factors, our ways in which we respond to situations, the way we talk, the way we walk, everything. To a large extent, it makes us who we are. It encourages us to be a thinker. So before acting, we think, we analyze. It gives us power to a better understanding, which helps us to solve our daily problems! It becomes a companion for life and inspires us to do great things in life. It is so amazing to realize that we overcome every single obstacle easily because somewhere we have read about a similar situation and we have analyzed how that could be handled. Expanding your mind, it makes you think out of your horizon, emphasizing hierarchical thinking. We leave behind all our stereotype ideas and welcome new and practical ones. That makes us ready to face any kind of situation!

Books open your mind. It strengthens your mind. It makes you see places where you have never been. It has this capability to protect you from depression. A good book always keeps the capacity to make a person feel good irrespective of the situation that person is in. They have this tendency to make you feel every emotion closely, be it anger, joy, rage, lust, love or loss. It makes a person dream for the better. It helps you overcome the constant social anxiety that people have. There are many such topics which are important for us to know and learn about, but we find difficulty in talking about it with people. For example, the problem that still prevails is to openly talk about sex. If you do not find your answers from people, you find them by reading! It gives you a much better idea! Because, while talking to a single person, you get a single perspective. While reading, you get several perspectives based on which you can create your own perspective. As simple as that!

By reading, a person gets to know a lot about the society of contemporary times, because the society, to a large extent, influences the writings of a particular period. You get to know about the different existent strata of people, their behavior, their passions, thoughts, conflicts, and many other things. They make you feel things you never thought you could feel, they make you aspire for things you never wished to achieve. They have the capability to make you great, books.

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