The Concept of Nanny (Ayah).

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Well! The concept of ayahs is been followed since history. But those times were different. In those days an ayahs were given the same respect and place of as mothers are given.

Today it is a different concept. The nanny, who comes home, is just a nanny. There are contracts made between the parents and the nanny to take care of the child till “xyz” months or years. Should there be the need of contract? I mean yeah I accept that the world have become professional now but is there a need? I mean the concept of ayah or nanny is till the children understands and start growing up and do his/her work on his own. But why the concept of nanny is still been used?

You see that the women are emerging as working women today. No a day’s no one compromise anything for their carrier not even women. They want to get married at 30’s, want to give birth when they feel like and then hand over their babies till they grow to the nanny’s

I see many children roaming around with their nanny’s or ayah’s. I hardly see parents nowadays. In my colony, there are so many small babies, that in the evening the garden looks like a kinder garden. But I see all the babies with their nanny. I hardly see parents around and if they are, they are hardly one or two. They are the children of working parents. The nanny’s keep running behind the babies, with the Tiffin containing healthy snack or fruits.  The babies are either cycling, running or on swings.

Once I happened to be in the garden at the evening time, when I overheard a conversation between a baby and her nanny. It was a Saturday evening when all workers get half day off, and there were many parents coming to play with their dear innocent little’s. This girl was also expecting her mom or dad to be there, the nanny told her see all your friends parents are here only your parents is not here tomorrow we will ask your parents to come and play. It was touchy moment. She was continuously looking at other children playing with their parents playing and was missing her parents.

How depressing it is that people are busier in the materialistic work and leaving their children in hands that won’t even live with them forever. Every parent must understand that their child needs their attention their love and care the most. They expect you to be with them more. And don’t try to show them the frustration of your work on them or in front of them. I understand one need’s to work hard to live in this competitive and high growing prices world. But one should also give its family equal time.

The nanny’s do their work as per their professional work, but do shower their love and blessings. They give a lot of time to the children and take all their commands like they are their slave. They see to it that the baby, or child is not hungry, their proper schedule they follow. The whole day is spent with them. And the children too are so connected to them. they make them talk, walk, sleep eat and make them learn good things.

Sometimes I even see how these mothers and children both take the nanny for granted. The nanny work as for her living and to earn but she also happens to shower the love and give time to the children and what these children do, treat her like their servants. I see so many children throwing their tantrums on these nanny’s sometimes even misbehave with them. The nanny’s keep running behind these small devils when they don’t eat.

I happened to see one small baby, running here and there and her nanny was so tired and frustrated with her. She almost told “how troublesome this child is” in front of me. She was very tired. Once another small baby girl got angry on the nanny, and was shouting so loudly on her, showing all her anger to her at this tender age. She was being rude too. And her nanny was trying to make her calm with all the tricks she knew. Finally she had to do what the small baby said. I must say these angels can also turn into devils very easily.

The mothers keep shouting at the nanny if their child learn something wrong, or is getting weak, or is getting more mischievous. Then why are you for dear moms? They are your responsibility more than the nanny. Nanny gets paid for what? To take care of your child, to blossom them with good manners, it is theirs as well as yours equal responsibility. A nanny should always be given respect. She should never be felt as if she is your slave.

She is doing a big favor on parents as well as on the kids. The kid’s will grow and forget who as the one who have the main hand in bringing them up when their parents were busy earning for their betterment of life. Parents should always make their children know who their nanny was and never forget them. They are special. Treat them well.

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