Be conscious- Transform your mind, body and soul now!

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This article is about a topic which I keep discussing with friends and family. It is about how we, at our young age, maintain or neglect our bodies and our minds, and the impact it can have on our lives.

Personally, I am pretty conscious about how I present myself, about how healthy my body is, and more importantly how healthy my mind is. But I am not utterly self-conscious. The difference is that I am not ‘obsessed’ with my appearance and my clothes, or about what I say or how I act. But I am definitely ‘conscious’ about these things.

At 20 years of age, I know I have been at the prime of my life for some years now, and will be for a good 8 to 9 years more. And this is the time when our body, mind and soul can really undergo a massive transformation for the better (or for the worse). The decisions we make now, can really affect our future state, and that is why I feel each one of us, at or around this age, should be conscious about ourselves.

Be it deciding between career options, or deciding whether or not we should get that tattoo done, it really is important that we choose wisely.

Starting with our body- how many of us, at this moment, feel we are in great shape? Surprisingly, not many of us can answer yes to that question. Teenage and tween-age are the years when our body reacts the most positively to what we do. If we eat a lot of fattening food, we will put on oodles of weight, and if we exercise or hit the gym, we will lose that weight as easily. And trust me, this is the only time when we can make a difference. As we grow older, our bodies lose the ability to lose weight in proportion to the effort we put behind it. Our metabolism becomes slower, and we as if, become stagnant with a particular body shape. Do we really want that? Do we want to be the out-of-shape aunty or uncle we talk about?


I am definitely not saying that we should all be very thin, or be the person with the perfect body. That is not possible in all cases, as our genes, lifestyles and our body-types are very different. But if you are not happy with your body, it will definitely affect your self confidence in a huge way. So if you know you can make a difference, then why not? Go ahead, indulge in yoga, go hit the gym, play a sport, go for a jog-basically be fit! If you don’t do it now, it will be VERY tough to do it later.

Secondly, about having a healthy mind. I know there are many cynics out there who mock the concept of ‘being positive’ and who criticize self-help books. But really? What harm can being positive do? The only thing I can think of is that if you cross over to the delusional world, and believe that EVERY thing in your life will work out your way, then you will be disappointed. That’s all. Apart from that, being positive can really boost your self-confidence, can motivate you to achieve your goals, and can give a very big positive push to your personality.


At this age, we all suffer heart-breaks, and go through friend trouble and work trouble, and parent-issues. But we can NOT let these issues get the better of us. We need to clear our thoughts, and understand what we can, or can not help. And then we should try and work towards what we can change, or let go of what we can not. Sitting and brooding has never helped anyone out of any situation, and it certainly won’t make you feel good about yourself. So learn to accept and let go. And more importantly learn to prioritize. A fight with someone today, will not affect us some years from now. Months spent on crying over a failure at work, at college or in the personal sphere, is just time which is wasted. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we need to get up, brush off the dust of failure from our shoulders, and aim for the stars again.

And, about our personality. Again these 10-12 years make the biggest difference in our lives. Our personality is who we are. It attracts or repels people. It tells others whether we are confident or shy, proud or humble, talented or lazy. We all are impressed with a person with a strong personality, so why not be that person yourself? Find out what your talents are, and trust me, we all have at least one thing we are very good at. Enhance your talent, join classes, meet people with similar interests, read books, go into the arts, learn the art of networking, lose the public-shy image..there are so many ways to make your personality stronger. There is just so much we can do, and so much that we don’t.  Watching TV, or sleeping for hours at a stretch, or even hanging out with friends is what we all love. But we can’t over-do all of this. Because some years from now, when we look back, we should feel that this was the Golden period in our lives. We should be able to tell others all the interesting things we have done, the number of places we have visited, the kind of people we have met, and the things we have learnt.


So yes, I repeat again. Be conscious about yourself, about your time, about your habits. If we feel good from inside, we will look good from outside. A healthy, shapely body, a great personality and a positive outlook, can help you charm your way across the world. People will flock towards the mesmerizing woman, or the dashing man in you. Dress to impress-you never know who you might bump into, starting from celebrities to your future partner. And we all should definitely be ready for those selfie moments! And most importantly, live each day, as if it is a page to the best-selling autobiography you will write after retirement. So to every person reading this, do it now, or do it never!

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