Creative Writing for the Battered and Heart-Broken Soul

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Creative Writing

“Write hard and clear about what hurts.” – Earnest Hemingway

We always have too many things on our mind worrying and troubling us. We tend to over-think, over analyze even the most trivial issues. When our mind is free from clutter we perform better, work better, emote better.  While you might be thinking about some matter, a stray thought might just come along and distract you. And once you lose your train of thought, it may well be difficult to pick up from where you left off. Writing helps you to keep a track of things. When nothing makes sense writing does. “I think, therefore I am” and because of the unnumbered thoughts drifting in and out of our consciousness, we write. We write because it’s hard to remember everything. We write because nobody’s judging .And we write because sometimes it is the only way to emote and express. When things don’t really happen the way we want them to or when we simply don’t know what to do, putting words on paper feels tangible. Sometimes nothing feels better than writing; It is a solace; a therapy of sorts. Whether it’s for a school assignment, blog or journal, everybody writes. So you ask yourself,” Where do I start from?” If you’re one of those writers who struggle with finding time to write, you can reverse this procrastination by letting go of all the other things competing for your attention and allow yourself to really focus and introspect. This kind of focus, where we get lost in the idea of delving deeper into self, is one of the biggest joys of writing.


The trickiest part about writing is figuring out how to begin. But once you know how and where to start from, it usually comes naturally because writing is something you can only learn by doing. The more you write, the better you get at it—the greater your sense of how words should flow as they express thoughts, ideas and emotions. You just have to keep doing it until it becomes as natural as walking or sleeping. Trying to produce a critically-appreciated piece of writing may make you lose your hair, patience and most importantly sleep. However, once you finish a post or an article, you feel accomplished. It is this feeling of accomplishment that we all strive for. Creative writing can be challenging but it is rewarding. The average person is much more creative than he or she thinks. Don’t let the writer’s block deter you from making a career out of writing. Even the most accomplished writers suffer from it. American poet William Stafford offers this advice to poets who suffer from Writer’s Block: “There is no such thing as writer’s block for writers whose standards are low enough.” The Writer’s block really originates from high standards: often, you will sit down to write but not like what you’re producing. The trick to overcoming this is to stop worrying so much over the quality of your work or whether or not it will be appreciated. You are probably going to have to review your draft several times anyway. So don’t attempt to revise every line as you write it.

You will be amazed by what you come up with if you just take the time to try. So take your time to weave your emotions and ideas into words. Some people like to set a schedule for writing: like they’ll be writing form so and so time and have to cover a certain number of words in that time span. While the others write when they get the urge to do so or when the creative muse decides to pay him/her a visit. For me the latter works perfectly. But since the muse does not come and go at your bidding, you have to make a habit out of writing. For someone who wants to make a living out of writing, passion is not enough.  As a writer, you need to be constantly honing your craft, as well as gaining valuable expertise in your subject matter. Because just writing for passion, doesn’t really pay your bills, does it. You find funding for your writing by writing about what the audience wants to read. This might sound harsh or materialistic even but it’s the stark-honest truth. The best way to make money out of writing is to write only for markets that pay. The reality of being a writer is that you aren’t easily discovered. You have to climb your way up to the top, interning, freelancing and sharing the space with other climbers all around you. As a writer you need funding for you flights of fancy. Only a few people get to make a career out of their hobbies. And if you aspire to be a writer, you’re one of the lucky few. You may not be able to make a ton of money writing about your favorite social issue or novel, but you atleast get to earn off something that you enjoy doing.


P.s Here’s a checklist of useful writing aids to have with you as you begin to write: A good notebook, your favorite pen, a creative muse to bring out the Shakespeare in you, plenty of paper or a laptop, a desk or other writing space, a dictionary, and a cell phone free environment. Oh and some cookies and warm milk wouldn’t hurt.

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