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If you closely observe a mother’s routine be it a working woman or not, you will notice that her mental schedule is more appropriate than any corporate meeting schedule. There might be times when you must have felt the clock is running late! She has programmed herself so well that she never needs a reminder for her child’s needs.  Whether it is the milk boiling on the stove whilst she is dressing you up for school or the omelet in the pan that is waiting to be flipped, she is there near the stove before the milk spills out of the container or the omelet burns. When she was in the office having an argument with the accountant she never failed to call you once you were back from the school.

Even you must have wondered whether your mom is some superwoman or there are camera’s instilled in your house because it was just the time when you stepped into the house and the land-line rings. Then there were those neat instructions written on paste it’s about play time and homework completion on the refrigerator door. A call was already made to the tuition teacher about the upcoming tests. And since it was a Thursday the drawing materials were placed out for when the drawing teacher would arrive at 5 pm. If it would have been a Monday then your skates and knee pads would have been packed in a backpack that lay next to the tuition bag.

So much of planning huh! We never once realized what it takes to shop a grocery for a week especially when one has to cook two different meals every day, like she did one for your dad and grandparents and the other for you. Her life revolved around your needs, your achievements, and your routine. Special care was taken during your examinations as to your food habits, you were given what you wished for so that you don’t consume outside food and fall sick. Orders were given to dad as to no television at night so that you can study well and sleep sound; even grandparents were instructed to watch the repeat telecasts of the shows in the morning when you are at school and not in the afternoon when you are studying. No compromises were made when it came to your demands even for luxuries, be it the play stations or the game boy or the new hot wheels car.

As you grew up, your needs changed and so did your attitude towards things. No longer did you prefer riding that bicycle of yours because all your friends had an activa at the age of 16. So you wanted one too even if the age was not right. You turned into the rebellious mode of your teenage when you were denied what you wanted. You disrespected your parents, back answered, and left the dining table on an argument with your dad without even touching the meal your mom so fondly cooked for you. When she brought your food to your room late at night when all were asleep you broke down and poured your story out and she stayed awake to hear all of it as she feed you every bite. Then there were times when you asked her to choose between you and your dad and judge the right one out of the two and she kept quiet to which you slashed out at her saying she was always on the dad’s side.

They sacrificed their vacation to get you a motorcycle for your 18th birthday!  You were beyond happy as you proudly showed it off in your college and took your girlfriend on a long drive. Your dad broke his fixed deposit for your studies abroad and your mom dissolved her gold assets to secure your future. When they came to see you off at the airport you could see the pride in your dad’s eyes and the constant flow of tears in your mom’s.  Your mom had whispered slowly ‘stay safe’ when you hugged her for the one last time.

Today when you see your wife struggling with your child, your brain starts the flashback of all those times when your mom did the same. When you sign on the insurance papers for your child’s career you realize how important it is for you to make sure your child turns out to be a good and successful human being. You also realize why your parents refused your demand for a motorcycle at the age of sixteen because you would do the exact same thing when it came to your child for you cannot risk his safety and of others. You recollect what your mom said on your wedding day, “Be a good man, just like your father”. And you smiled and nodded to that. You did not know what it meant then but you know what it means now. Because your wife won’t be alone in all those sleepless nights, PTA meetings or in bringing up your child to sum it up all.  As you see the wall clock which shows 10 pm, you pick up the cordless and dial the all too familiar number, she picks up on the first ring. You whisper those words all too gently “I love you mom”.

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