The Current Scene Of Comedy

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Things that generally give birth to mirth and laughter, be it spoken messages or any other form perhaps, are often termed to fit in the genre of comedy. Back before even Christ was born, the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations maintained that comedy is one of the four forms of literature, plainly meaning they understood its vitality in life, and wanted to cultivate generations where comedy was rightly maintained, and encouraged to grow. Laughter that is induced by way of comedy is unsurprisingly used as a method of treatment to many psychological ailments, and laughter therapy and laughter groups are a popular pastime for the regular park-goers to form small groups and practice them, for they are of the belief that such light comedy is good for the soul.

With the world changing with respective to all fields, comedy which might have been stiff and only available on the movie screens is now available in a witty and viral form called stand-up comedy. Not just this, but comedy has so many different categories within itself and is almost an entire glossary to span through.

But that which is most commonly identified by the routine populace to be comedy is laughter. There are so many reality shows springing up now and a good number of them supposedly focus on comedy, with so many auditions for the same happening somewhere or the other in the country, aspiring many wannabes to make it big in the showbiz.

With that being said, it may have formed a basic outlining in the reader’s mind as to what would come further in this reading. What shall follow now is a little write-up of how comedy used to be, even before a few years, and how it is in the literal sense just about now.

I recall my grandparents saying how the current comedians in the cinema industry don’t induce laughter, and that it is all a fad. I must say that I have felt the same way at times when I have just sat there staring blanked in front of the screen, trying my best to decipher and decide whether there was any element of comedy at what the ‘comedian’ in that certain movie just said. It is quite a shame that I am often blank this way. I say movie because it is that one type of media which gets through a larger audience than other media today. My grandparents would say that in the yesteryears, the comedian was such a personality that one would guffaw and burst out in peals of laughter by just looking at his/her face and observing the body language. They would also say that in those days, the comedy cracked on television and radio would be apt for all sorts of people to listen to, and that it would not contain jibes.

Anyone reading this might have mentally observed that the scene today is quite the opposite of what had been written in the latter part of the previous paragraph and yes, that is true.

 The blankness of the audience meaning that the message behind that piece of ‘comedy’ was not reached across is clear enough—this could mean bad in many circumstances if the intended meaning is twisted and mistaken for something else. Back then, comedy only meant to throw your head back and laugh merrily, but as of now, tolerance is an important quality people should possess when trying their hand at the current comedy scene.

Even if a little exaggerated, this, it is a fact agreed upon by many that no topic or controversy has been left untouched in the form of comedy. What is worse is that talks that are taboo are picked up and tried to be made into something that can be laughed at. This is a wonderful venture if implemented properly, but could lead to protests among citizens at a larger scale if at all the words go misunderstood and wrongly phrased.

With stand-up comedy now evolving into a slow movement by itself, more people come forward to try to crack jokes at anything and everything they can think of, probably not wondering if their content would be hurtful to anyone. The bad thing about this is that though that person/comedian touches controversial topics and puts it in dirty words or messages in his comedy routine, he is somehow voted to be good, and clambers further up on the ladder of fame, fortune and success in the entertainment world; the result is that we would have a top ‘comedian’ who is in fact an empty shell with no real talent perhaps, which is the end product of poor judgement by the mass audience.

It was recently reported in a newspaper that this ‘top comedian’ in India, who is popular for his highly positive-rated comedy show was demanding for luxury amenities on a sporting venue he was to be an emcee, and pointedly left the venue in a huff for his demands not having been met.

Comedy of now is good enough to be tagged with maturity ratings, but it is disappointing that such content which might as well be screened, or that should have been only limited to adults, is aired on primetime television, too, and thus exposing little kids also to that which is highly inappropriate for them to even know or hear about. This is alarming, and does not induce laughter! It is high time that parents realize what their child is exposed to in the media, but alas, with the parents both working, they never really know that.

‘Comedy should not be restricted to only creating material that is laughable—sometimes to be thought and made up on the spot—but it is that talent where one is able to extract the funnier side of the serious material, too,’ is what a dear friend quotes but does that really happen all the time?

Then again, it all lies in the eye of the beholder and ‘to each his own’ but whatsoever be the beholder’s opinion, it is quite alright to say that the current scene of comedy almost everywhere in the globe, is headed toward the cliff leading to a steep tumble in a slow march.

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