The cyber world!

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Like how we eat and take a dump every day, and how we have inculcated them into our systems, the practices of eve-teasing have settled down in their niches that they have become a part of our system. As we are so tired of the real world that we escape into the virtual world with hopeful eyes, the worms of eve-teasing haven’t really stopped at the barricade separating the two worlds. The pathetic people who give birth to these worms are pitiful humans, who are everywhere. Being the guy standing next to you while shopping, to the guy who commented right after you on a post; the evil is everywhere. As the technology has progressed exponentially, it has given all of us several pairs of tentacles so that we don’t sit idle. However, going by the human mindset, it was expected that more than the good uses, which would benefit the society, the ill uses of the various branches of this ever growing technology would be more prominent. The advent of the ‘soothing virtual world’ has provided a whole new network to the vices of the real world. The other day I was on Twitter, and I came across an excellent Tweet regarding a football match that had just taken place. Surprisingly, it was a girl who had tweeted. Surprisingly because the number of females following the beautiful game is very less, let alone the number, who know the game properly. So, there I was astonished, and happy! Happy ‘cause if you love something, and that something is understood to its depth, acknowledged and reproduced by someone from whom you least expected,such a thing does ask your brain to stretch your lips; that’s how funny humans are. So, anyway, it wasn’t long before I indulged in a healthy conversation with her. The knowledge about football was flowing from top to bottom, with a little bit of “Will you be my friend?” essence to it. The buffer allotted to me between her reply and mine, I did look at her display picture. Accept it, or deny it, we all do that. We all have that incest of curiosity inside us that compels us to enlarge the display picture, and admire/compare/’check them out’. The option of “Enlarge the display picture” is actually introduced to make us realise how pathetically curious we are, and we can’t really help it, so we make use of that option over and over again. I had finished typing my fifth reply, and with satisfaction at my fingertips, I pressed the “send” button. I was in a general mood of happiness when I saw other retarded guys replying to her tweet with the most irrelevant stuff. Comments such as “Hey beautiful”, “You are haawt!”, “Will you be my chamk challo” etc started making the day. A couple of them needed so much help with their brains that they proposed her to marry them. With all this suddenly causing a whirlwind around our football related conversation, she decided to discontinue, and leave.It wasn’t that I was a big deal to her when compared against the shit she’d have to face when she’d continue talking.

This whole setup reminded me of a real life incident, where I was catching up with a friend of mine at a bus stop, when lewd comments started to poison the atmosphere from every corner. When I got enraged, she held my hand, like surrendering the territory, we walked away from that place. I asked her as to why didn’t she let me stand up for her. For this she replied by saying that this is a usual scenario, and she really couldn’t expect me to fight with so many of them, ‘cause eve-teasing like whistling is comes naturally to many.

So, be it reality, or the virtual world, females are not given a moment of breathing space and pace; and our female counterparts have no other option but to treat ‘cause they can’t stand against something that has become a part of the system. IF things have to change, we guys have to stand up.

Facebook has become a virtual stalking zone for many where people go and virtually stalk up females. Well, stalking up virtually is not a bad thing you’d say as no harm is done to anyone. However, this ‘stalking’ nurtures the negative thinking of our brain, and it won’t be long when the virtual stalking would lead to real life stalking, which might even lead to molestation. People send random messages to anyone who arouses them, and if things work out go on a date with them, and if they can’t restrain their voluptuousness, molest them, and then threaten them. That’s what this world has come to.The social media has become a lasso for such ill motivated people.

All this is not limited only to the websites. People, by hook and crook, get hold of a girl’s number, and then the scene is such that vulgar messages and phone calls with utter bullshit will be made to the innocent girl. The girl would be scared to bring this out in public in the hope of getting the culprits prosecuted as the stigma of the society would be waiting to “malign” her. Well, that’s the irony of the society we live in. I don’t really understand how one satisfies his sexual needs by patronising such vulgar stuff. The only thing that really happens is that the girl gets tortured mentality! I reckon that part of the brain, which separates sensible stuff from bullshit has been destroyed in such people because of their years of hard work at ill thinking. It really saddens me to see that girls are troubled everywhere.

With the present case, I won’t be surprised if the souls of the departed ones would be getting troubled.

We have to change. Our mindset has to change. We have to place a strict barricade at the stop that says “Unacceptable”! Cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment is slowly becoming our culture. Let’s try to curb it now when it not too late.Let’s rise up, and give them women some peace!

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