From a Damsel’s Diary

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I was a bit late for college today, the rain apparently disturbed my perfect schedule. I love rains but winter rains are a bit annoying, actually too much with the existing cold. I could still feel the shivers despite my 3 layered clothing, my white fur coat did not really help me fight the cold. My shoes creaked whenever I walked calling for the unwanted attention. I walk down my lane with the irritating shoe noise to catch the bus. Of course how could the bus be on time. I knew I had to miss my first lecture. I was stressed but equally happy for I did not like that class. It would foolish waiting for the bus for it had already started raining more heavily. But I had to submit my project, so I had to attend the college anyways.I had never missed any lecture till date, so I was a bit guilty but then this of bunking the lecture came true. I could have probably have never done it. But rain favored me I guess.

Just as I was doing this stupid “Me Talk” in my head. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to look back but my glasses fogged. It embarrassed me a bit but I cleaned them only to be happily surprised. “Hey!” he called my name and said. “Oh!” and it took me nearly 45 seconds to reply. It was him and I had never seen him so closely. It took me 45 seconds to gather his image in my head, I already had it in my heart though.

How cute he looked with a smile on his face, a bit of a helpless look, his hair perfectly following on his forehead making him look cuter, a small mole on the left side on hi upper hip and his pale white complexion. “Perfect”, my mind and heart said harmoniously. “Hey!” I finally replied. I was fool enough to notice his tiny mole but not that he was wet and wanted to share my umbrella. And we did. We stood there in silence looking in opposite directions, waiting for the bus. Finally I spoke like a retard after 15 minutes, ” The bus is not coming before 45 minutes”. “Oh!” he replied, “then there is no point standing here for so long”, he continued. I nodded but we still stood there again looking in opposite direction. Rain falling on my umbrella further wetting my shoes until he finally spoke ” Its cold here , do you mind coming with me to the nearby coffee shop. Only if its comfortable with you’ , had added. His last lines made me fall in love with him for the 1000th time .

A damsel's diary

‘No, its ok. Lets go” i replied in a rather uncivilized manner. We sat at the coffee shop on chairs perfectly placed in opposition, placed towards each other near to the window. The annoying rain now seemed now started looking romantic to me. I could literally hear and feel my heart beat , slowly. He ordered for two hot coffee’s. The silence between us spoke volumes and I just wanted to shout and tell him how much I have loved him all these years but of course I couldn’t do it for this was the first time we were actually meeting alone. And this was also the maximum conversation I had had with him till date.

The coffee arrived and its aroma somehow enlightened us. ‘ Don’t you go to college on your bike? ” I asked finally breaking the silence. ‘Yes, but how do you know? ‘ he asked a bit surprised. I replied with a simple I have seen you. Silence again dawned onto us but somehow I was not uncomfortable anymore. It was actually much better than speaking to him.

We looked at each other in between and smiled , then again sipped our coffee and looked in opposite directions. This should have been awkward but it wasn’t at all. I started creating scenarios in my head , this wasn’t real. I had never expected  I would be sitting with this guy in so much comfort – the guy I couldn’t even talk to because I was not courageous enough. I feared what will happen if  I make an approach. I mean we were not even good friends to start with. He distracted me with my thoughts by asking ” so you have already made the project.” ‘Yes” I replied. He smiled , it was a smile which reflected he had expected this out of me. I smiled back in a way showing him how could I not fulfill his expectations.

I noticed him staring at me quite often and that made me a bit shy. And as an action I pulled back my hair whenever he stared at me. It was about time , I looked at my watch and we had to end this silence. I did not wanted to end this but I could do nothing. We paid our shares and I again noticed him staring at me  , I looked down this time. ” You are beautiful” he said. My eyes widened and my mouth a bit open which i closed immediately , I finally looked up to him. He was still looking at me with his beautiful smile. “Thank You ” I replied with a smile. We got got up and walked towards the bus stop in silence, holding each others hands.

Was it our first date ? I am still wondering. I wish it rains everyday now.



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