To the daughter, on her stepping into a new phase of her life.

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Hi baby.

You have probably finished your education by now and you might have many questions in your head regarding what to do next. You might be in a mess mentally right now. Even I was when I was of your age. This period of your life is one of the most difficult times of your life. This is the vital decision making period. You will face rejections. Maybe a lot of them at every step. You might feel like giving up at times. You might lose your confidence and self esteem. You might feel like just leaving behind everything and run away to some distant place where no one knows you and you know no one. What I want to tell you is, you are not an escapist. So I do not want you to behave like one.

I am not going to tell you exactly what you should do or how you should face certain situations. But I am going to give you some tips which are going to help you in the long run. First and foremost, I will not like you to pursue your career in a stream which you do not like just because of the money or the position. A big no. There is nothing like working on something which you love. In that case, even if you have lots of work to do or lots of assignments to complete, it will not get on your nerves, because at the end of the day, doing what you do makes you happy.

Whereas, if you do something in the field which is not of your interest then at some point, very soon, it is going to be frustrating. It is going to stress you out like nothing else. You will start hating your job, despite the good salary and the good position. You will begin to hate your colleagues because they will be like this constant reminder of your job which you hate and finally, it is going to start affecting your health and mental stability. You do not want you be a cranky woman in your late twenties, do you?

So, I want you to work in the field which you are passionate about. Be it art or academics. Your family shall always be there in case you need something, if not then they will be there to support you. Listen to no one who says otherwise. The money and the power may seem very attractive for awhile. There will be many people telling you many things regarding what you should do and what you should not. That may confuse you. You might fall in a position where you will not know what to do next. That is when I want you to come and talk to your family.

Whenever you talk to your family, you will have two or three more matured perspective which may influence your decision and make it simpler. Maximum people share their problems with their friends among which the majority are of the same age. Their mental outlook will not be much different from yours. Thus how they are going to anticipate the problem is going to be very close to your anticipation. That is not going to help you very much with your decision making. Having a good conversation with your family always has its own benefits. They manage to reduce your stress to a great extent.

I would like you to be creative. Create your own ideas and have the courage to express them to the world. People are generally afraid of something which is different, which is unknown to them. So your ideas might be overlooked some of the times and even rejected. Have confidence in your ideas and yourself. Always think beyond your horizon. Do not just follow the mob. People who excel in whatever they do, always tend to do something different from the mainstream. That is why only a few people become extraordinary. Only a few people shine.

Do not expect to be appreciated. This world was never a fairytale and never will be a fairytale. You will face hardships, even when you are good. You will not receive well if you do good, most of the times. But that does not mean you will stop doing good. Never lose faith in yourself, because people are going to try to pull you down. They are going to make you seem that you are not capable enough, that you are not good enough and that you cannot what they can. Never say “I cannot”. They more you think and say negative, the more you attract negative.

Always dream big, aim for the highest. It does not matter whether your desires are silly, or some people will find it impossible for you to achieve. You keep on working towards what you were doing anyway, and leave the rest on the universe. You were born to excel. Have that confidence in yourself. Have that passion inside yourself. Always want for more and work for it. Prove yourself worthy and you will have it. You are a star dust. You can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

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