The Day When it all Seemed Right.

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Too many flashes and gasps could be heard as I entered the hall, my mom holding my one hand and my dad holding the other, and suddenly I doubted my decision, if I really wanted this, whether I wanted to share my life with someone. I have been the freedom loving person always, I did things my way, and I did not like interference. I have been out of my parents’ humble adobe ever since I graduated; I went to another city for my post graduation and altogether another country for job and settlement. I took my own decisions and even paid for the consequences, I tasted the things way it came to me, I did not let people’s opinion on things adulterate mine. Mom whispered in my ear “All will be fine”, I smiled at her to let her know it helped. Dad squeezed my hand in assurance; I turned my eyes to the man sitting under the dome waiting for me, his eyes on mine, which made me blush. Once I reached the steps I removed my sandals at the end, holding the pleats of my sari I entered the mandap where the marriage ceremony will be performed. I go and sit on the chair beside him that was specially designed for the occasion, just for us. As soon as I am seated, my close friend and cousin start fixing my sari and jewellery as if walking from the dressing room to the mandap did damage to any, it was hardly four meters for god’s sake.

I was no snow white for the heads to turn my way when I am walking. With wheatish complexion, jet black hair falling in soft curls below my shoulders that is if left open because usually I wear a bun and dark brown eyes. I wasn’t plump or skinny simply medium. So why suddenly today everyone is staring at me was beyond me. “Because you look beautiful” said my husband looking anywhere but at me. Yeah right I whisper to myself, he did not miss the sarcasm there and nodded as if to say I am stupid. This man made me alter my ways and my life; he was there for me through thick and thin. Even when he knew I am going the wrong way and that my decisions won’t end up in a pretty picture, he did not stop me, he made sure I learned from them. Because exposure is needed, if a person is stopped from committing a mistake, he will never learn from experience. Okay so getting back to the important point, he never stopped me from committing one but was there with me throughout it all, how much ever bad the outcome was. That made me fall for him, we have been living together for a year now, and marriage is just a formality that needs to be fulfilled for the sake of family and society. I see my brother talking on the phone, giving some instructions maybe and he looked happy, everyone did it was clearly visible on their faces. He holds my hand which laid on my lap, “stop shaking” he said looking straight into my eyes, I did not even realize I was shaking then, I was on the verge of crying I don’t know whether it was out of happiness! His eyes had a number of emotions playing- love, respect, excitement and fear were the most prominent ones. One look into those green orbs and I knew it will be okay for real!

The ceremony dragged on with the Brahmin chanting mantras and we following the rituals, then came the turn of the seven vows that need to be taken to complete the ceremony. We stole glances at each other; we had acted it out number of times, when we came to India and visited the temples. It was us doing all the stupid things, as cheesy as it may sound but we made our own vows and I am sure he would be repeating them in his head just like me. I can’t believe I was fretting abut this day and was putting it off for so long. Sure all the attention suffocated me and I did not like that but when it came to him it was all worth it. I had despised the concept of marriage, I mean what kind of a person would like to spend the rest of her life with someone who she met yesterday and it does not end there, she with her full mind, body and heart promises to be his, isn’t that a ban on your freedom and restriction on breathing? As independent and carefree as I was, I refused to give it up all for someone, what I did not get then was none of those matters when the person is right. When we were pronounced husband and wife the first person I saw break down was my dad followed by my mom. I went on to hug him, ‘daddy I will always be your girl’, I told him. He just nodded his head on my shoulder. My dear hubby then came from behind me announced fondly, “I will keep your daughter and my wife happy dad, and if I fail then I will cry with her, she will have me always just like she will have you”. That were surely not the best words uttered in the history but I knew that came from his heart, I could see it in his eyes. ‘What an “aww” moment’, I said out loud. And just like that everyone burst out laughing. I know I ruined the moment but if I wouldn’t have, I would not have been able to control the tears from falling out.

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