How To Deal With Jealous Friends

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For some reason, female attachments are much more emotional than men’s.

Women are like Premier League footballers – individuals that thrive when in the correct mental state and are so prone to devastating mood swings. That’s when a strong companion or friend becomes a hero, and a slightly-less-than-so alternative becomes a paedophile – deservedly hated.

So when a woman feels that her friends aren’t supporting her she becomes highly angry (and most rightly so) for if girls don’t stand up for each other, who will? Nobody, that’s who!

When your friends are by your side, you know nothing can go wrong, you’ll always find a way! But as you grow older, you’ll find out that some of your friends aren’t real friends at all – they’re just phonies who’re out to get something from you. Be it exposure, money or simply to mock you, some girls are just out there to shadow you. You need to deal with them before they become issues in your life, so how do you do that?

By setting them straight. Its what a tough girl does – deals with her problems head on and doesn’t let other people bully her!
But just as you go storming to the house of the girl who is making you angry, you should cool down and think twice – is that the best idea?

You see, fights give us a rush. They inject adrenaline and ardour into us – a powerful cocktail. We can override all of our self-control mechanisms and do things which our conscious minds will later regret. Jealous or not, your friend is your friend.

Normally, when men end a friendship, its because we’re sure we won’t ever talk to that person again. We rarely jeopardize long-term friendships; and most men are too proud to admit they’re wrong anyway – we’d rather shake hands firmly and intimidate each other until we’re supporting the same football team!

But with women, the break-ups are so often fiery or condescending affairs – a million strange excuses, a thousand bad expressions. The level to which a woman’s social skills are dependent on facial recognition software is incredible! A misplaced sigh or a snorted mockery are taken beyond and above their apparent meaning to the inner workings of the human memory-mind discussions.

So you should try and be calmer! Think about the consequences of what you’re doing, and whether doing it is still worth that. You might lose a friend when you confront and overwhelm her with an incandescent confrontation. None of you will win a fight begun with blows and broken screams.

So what you need to do is think like a lioness; a huntress. If you’re going to get back at your friend for something, you’ve got to do it maturely and professionally. Be a lady! Go and explain your grievances to her and then make sure she regrets ever having crossed your path. That’s how to carry your gun in your purse without losing your dignity ever.

Its a fact of life that girls today all have these complex networks of acquaintances seeking to destroy them, and though it sounds like a joke, they really do exist. As a man, much of what I’ve said does not go on in our world, but in the world of catfights the battles over breaches of trust are fierce!

So a girl has to watch out for herself. You need to filter out your friend-base and make sure you’re only left with the girls who’ll pick you up after a drunk night out making a silly scene and tuck you into your bed without thinking twice. If you’re left there, it was a prank!

Its sometimes an odd thing for girls living in a big city to admit that they’re pack animals, but it’s a true and beautiful thing. Women seem to be happier in cliques, as can be seen by the sheer number of celebrations after a Feminist MP was voted into power in the general European elections.

But live in cliques they must. Women need to be able to share the details of their intimacies and interesting stories in ways that most men seem to find unpleasant or “mushy”. So a woman can’t lock herself out of her friend circles just due to some unpleasant circumstances. With the internet, many girls are opting to coil into their shells and only live with people that please them. We men call that “shields up”, and women call it “sick of the world”!

It is not a good state for a woman to be in, because it’s a void that needs to be filled. And to fill that void, you’ve got to learn patience and restraint, but also decisiveness. You go and tell your jealous friend you don’t need to speak to her ever again – you’ll be hurled insults at but you’ve won.
You go and tell her that you want to have your own life and a different direction, and you’re already making a move towards independence!

Being a woman is as much about complimenting a friend’s new bag as shunning the lies fabricated by other crazy women!



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