What Do Women Deserve?

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It’s a rarity on this world run by mortal that someone actually gets what he/she deserves. Be it a punishment or a reward, it’s a seldom scenario where the deserving can boast about the ‘prize’ handed over to him/her. The wrath of this phenomenon hasn’t spared the birds or animals too, who have lost their habitats to the greediness oozing out of the humans. So, if some of the great Gods and Goddess of our various religions feel that they didn’t get what they deserved, what are the odds that the humans would get a fair deal?

Expanding this further; with this society of ours being a male dominant one, the odds of women getting what they really deserve are equivalent dinosaurs running through are streets: next to impossible. Not impossible, and his neighbour ‘cause we sure do respect Napoleon, do we not? Dusk had given way to night, and it was dark. The street lights were on in some areas with full power; it was only seven o’ clock, but the days when it was considered ‘late evening’ were long gone owing to the treacheries of the dark. After having a great time with my friend, we parted ways.

I had half a mind of dropping her back to the hostel, but my home was far, like around thirty kilometres, and her hostel was barely a ten minute bus ride, and plus, my mum was getting all paranoid; so, I decided to drop her at the bus stop and leave. Doing exactly as I had decided, I went cruising on my bike while she waited for the bus. Nothing untoward happened to her, but when I was texting her at night, she just happened to touch on the topic of how she had ‘taught some guys a lesson.’ While she waited for her bus, there was a group of guys, who were passing lewd comments; she chose to ignore; and when she got into the bus, she showed them the finger. She had told me this as something to laugh about.

According to her “These things are common.” I felt bad that I didn’t drop her back to the hostel. However, what about the other females who make use of the bus services? If my friend has become so accustomed to such forms of eve-teasing, I am pretty sure that other women too undergo such type of mental torture. In a country where women are supposed to be respected more, such disgusting things have settled down in the fabric of our society. When my friend had said that these things were common, I could sense the tone, which cried that nothing is going to change. This made me feel worse. In my subconscious mind, I reckon that I was always aware of such things happening on a daily basis; it’s like how people need their chai, some retards need their dose of this.

However, I had never given a thought about it. Why would I when it hadn’t happen to anyone who is close to me? It’s a selfish world indeed. So, when the reality strikes you directly, or indirectly, that’s when you really start thinking. That’s when you realise that the world isn’t a fairy tale after all; and that’s when all the big lectures and phrases used by your parents start making sense. What have women done to be treated with such dishonour? It’s that time of the world when just like eating chips, passing hideous comments has become a time pass. It’s a source of amusement for many. Well, playing around with anyone’s emotions was never fun; it never will be.

It’s really hard to say this, but for some, women have reduced to a source of amusement. The laws that we have aren’t been enforced properly to provide any kind of silver lining to them. Eve teasing has moved far away from something that would irk the common man. Just like him, it has become so common that we really don’t care about it anymore. There are so many cases of domestic violence where the husband beats his wife, who can’t do much ‘because husband is her source of survival.’ Well, that’s what the society has made them believe.

Apart from all these ‘minor’ cases, there are rapes happening everywhere. This has to stop. What have they done to deserve all this? Just because they were made physically weaker, and for some reason people misinterpreted the whole situation and started the practice of polygamy reducing their numbers, it doesn’t give the men any right to take undue advantage. There used to be housemaid at my house. She was lovely, with hardworking and punctuality as her forte, she was definitely in the top half of the list that separated humans based on their worth.

Everything was normal; but then, the world isn’t a happy place after all. Her husband suffered a loss in gambling or something that my mum would never want me to indulge in; and then he started beating our housemaid. To make things worse, she kept quiet; as if she deserved the beating. Like, it was all her fault; and even if it was her fault, she’s not a freakin’ object to be used as pleased. She’s a human, who has emotions, who has her duties. She doesn’t deserve any of this. Fortunately, my mum saw the scars, and then, the cops took care of him.

This news spread like wildfire, and within days many cases of domestic violence were reported. If not the world, that society of mine had become a better place for many. You don’t need a Superman, or a cloaked superhuman with mystical powers to make a change. If your senses tell you that something that your eyes behold is wrong, then stand up against it. It’s you and only you who can make a difference, and pave the way for a change. The women in our country are suffering a lot already.

They have some monstrous blotch of men who are doing heinous acts in the name of “fun”. Women have the big sharp spear called stigma hung above them by the society that if they try to rise, they are ‘cursed’. The mentality has become such that women are assumed to be inferior to men by many. Nothing of this is true. We need to broaden our path of views, and accommodate equality, and shoo away the prejudice. They don’t deserve any of what our world is offering them. Just like every being, they deserve to stay happy. Let’s spread the smile!women deserve Let’s make it a reality! Let’s be the change!

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