Disadvantages of being Tall

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Right. So I’m going to base this article on the fact that being tall really sucks sometimes. I mean, yeah, for an outsider it may look cool and all, but it really isn’t, especially for us girls. And no, this isn’t some off the top of my head rant. It’s a genuine talk about the difficulties of being a little longer than the most of the world. You can vouch that I have good knowledge about this given the fact that I’m over 5 feet 9 inches tall.
So, relax. Let me do all the typing while you take an inside look into the world I live in. Oh, and also just because I say I’m tall, it doesn’t mean I’m the only one. It’s not some kind of boasting I’m doing. Besides, nowadays, I see more tall women than I used to.

Firstly, ironically, I was always last at everything. That holds true, especially in school, where everything is done height wise. You see, the teachers didn’t understand. They were all way shorter than I am and that made it difficult for them to understand that being last meant I would not get to have the best of anything be it the view or the goodies. I was last at almost everything. I hated standing according to height because there I was, where no one could see, behind 35 other girl always patiently waiting my turn. I remember the time I was waiting in queue for my turn to get the chocolates that we’re being distributed. But by the time I finally got my way, they were all out and all I got were pity glares. I didn’t understand why we couldn’t stand in reverse order. But then, I do now. It’s like a very tall man sitting in front of you in the movie theatre. You can’t see anything. It was like that back then.

Second. You’re made to reach for everything. No matter whose home you’re at or where in public you are, there’ll always be an instance where you’re asked to reach for something just because you’re taller than the rest.  I was asked often to hang the class maps on top of the class board because I was the only one who could reach that high without the requirement of a chair. And while I innocently stretched, people would laugh at my awkward position and then proceed to call me names that either really hurt or didn’t make any sense at all.  Ms. Tall Pants and Ms. Giant legs, stuff like that. You get the picture.

Third. You’re picked at and made fun of. Now, this can get seriously tiring. It’s annoying when short people make fun of you for being taller than the rest. So, you’re a few inches longer than the way most of them are functioned and yeah, that’s a manufacturing issue of the human body but is that such a crime? Does it require such disgraceful treatment? I particularly hated being called a ladder or being mocked a giant. It was annoying and insulting and I never got rid of it. Even now, people call me these things but then they don’t hurt anymore.

Fourth. You never get the guys. Is it just me or are all the cute ones really, really short? Maybe it’s me. Maybe. But one thing is certain and that is that you don’t get to keep them because they’re either shorter or intimidated by you. As the old saying goes, tall, dark and handsome men love the petite and short women in this world and I’m neither of those things! Life for me is different. So that makes me wonder about something. If the tall ones like the short women and the short ones are intimidated by us, how in hell am I ever going to get a guy? Pfft.

Fifth, you’re asked if you play sports. In particular, Basketball. I, for one was really into sports and played more than my share of it at one point of time in my life but Basketball was not one of them. To me the game did not make any sort of appeal. It was mainly because I hated any sort of team sports. For me, any individual game was better. So, I refused to play Basketball and that made everyone angry. It was like, just because I was taller than the rest, I just had to play the game. It was my duty, a job I just had to do. Like, my interest or the lack thereof had nothing to do with the situation. It’s frustrating.

So there it is. Reasons to hate being tall. But in the end, it’s a physical thing and physical appearances really should not impact us all that much. What are important are the character and the gentility of a person. Even though it has its disadvantages, so do a lot of things. In fact, everything does. But that shouldn’t be the reason to hate being you.
I love being tall. I genuinely do. So, in the end, that’s all I care about.
You’ll see why in my next article!

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