The Disgrace of an Athlete- Pinki

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She was all set to take her foot first before the other sprinters who were set to run with her. It was a 400 meter run. Then came the bullet shot sound, and the sprinters ran as if the world was breaking down behind them and the finish line was the safe land to reach. The last 100 meters were slowly experiencing the weight of the runners, it was the young Pinki Pramanik, who was leading all the sprinters. She crossed the finish rope leading all the runners and won the gold medal.


Pinki was born on 10th April 1986 in Purulia, was an Indian track athlete and was specialized in the 400 and 800 meters. She grew in a small village and had to work hard to come up in her life. She competed in a lot of races and had won many. She had a challenge in her mind to achieve things and was working and striving hard towards her goal. She used to practice daily and run a long way in order to increase her stamina and her strength. She used to train with her trainers and used to follow the instructions that were given by them, which at some point of time proved to go against her. She was adjudged as male by her female friend and the initial test showed that she was a male and she was sentenced to jail but later she was declared as women and was left alone. Her life was spoiled and she was not able to compete in any of the Asian or the IAAF cup.

Pinki started her career early in her life and she was a good sprinter. She had made a mark at the junior level by setting four junior state records in the year 2002. She made her debut in the year 2003 at the World Youth Championship and reached the semi-finals in 800m. She set a record in the National Junior level by running in 54.92 seconds in the 400m. She had her first success when she was 17 years old. She won two bronze medals at the Asian Indoor Athletics Championship. She was chose to represent Asian at the IAAF World cup. She has made an impact domestically and has won the All India Open National Championships. She has won a lot of races from her childhood and also has made an impact in the National and International level. She has participated in the Asian games, commonwealth games, Asian Indoor games, South Asian Games and won a lot of medals. Her medal list includes five gold medals and a silver medal. The gold medals were won in the Asian Games and the silver medal was won in the common wealth games.



In the year 2004, an incident in which a group of youth planted a gun in her head and threatened her and then called the police, but however eyewitness proved that the youth have harassed her and placed the gun in her bag intentionally. She was released without any charge. A severe foot injury made her miss much of 2007 season. She returned in August and set a record of 11.07 in the 100m in Kolkata. She was struck by hamstring injury again and had to take a break. In the year 2010 she suffered a road accident and had deep cuts in her face and knees and was in bed for much of the season. She also had a back injury caused from the accident.

In the year 2012, pinki’s friend filed a case stating that Pinki had raped her and she was not a female, which led to the medical test to determine her gender. The initial test proved her to be male. She disagreed to that and the police ordered a trial test which was inconclusive. The court then ordered a Chromosome pattern test. In November, the medical test proved that Pinki is a male pseudo-hermaphrodite. The reports also proved that pinki is not capable of penetrative sex. Pinki in an interview told that “She was not in love or in a relationship with the woman who filed the complaint. The woman lived in the next door with her lover and a five year old child. The woman took nude photos of Pinki and blackmailed her for some time.” She also said that “She looks more like male now because she used to regularly take testosterone injection as a part of the training, which other female participants also used to take. She was told to take those by her trainee and she did not go against them. Due to the injections, her voice went deeper and she grew more hair in her body.” She was kept in the men’s cell in jail. She also said that she was not aware of the tests that were being performed on her and she was drugged at that time. She was later released from that jail and was declared as woman.


The point is that we are not correctly bounded female and male bodies with only some people not fitting the bill. When a child is born, the gender is said by the presence of penis, but some children without penis will have the male reproductive organs internally and the XY chromosomes. The female are defined by the absence of penis rather than the presence of the vagina and the ovaries, it is common for the children who don’t have penis to be raised as female. Even catchier is the discovery of a biological research that hormones to a certain extent are produced by the activity performed by the gender rather than the other way around. When a human being is aggressive, interludes produce more androgen.

Such a female will tend to reject the scientific ideas and facts about the body. Now a day’s scientific facts are followed by the cultures and the society. “Sex” is a practice constructed by human being, of which Science is one.


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