Divorce Dilemma

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Divorce is something everyone is scared of. Especially for women it is a very scary step. And in our society a divorced woman is a not accepted. She is considered bad luck and is shunned by not just the society but her own family members. A divorced woman is ill treated by almost everyone and no one even takes into consideration the feelings of the woman. What she must be going through and what she must be feeling. No one thinks that even she is going through a loss, everyone just wants to blame her for the failed marriage. These are the women who need moral support in their life and need someone to tell him that its okay and that things are going to get better. They need someone to help them come out of the situation and guide them through it and start a new life afresh. They need a friend to help them turn over a new leaf.

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#1 Women should realize that it is not their fault in any way that they got divorced. It is completely okay to have a difference of opinion and not agree on each and everything. And getting divorced does not mean that you are not marriage material. It just means that this did not work out with the person you were married to. Also they should understand that it is okay if they do not want to compromise on some situations and expected their husbands to, it takes two people for a marriage to work and just the woman cannot make it work alone.

#2 A divorce can take a toll on you mentally and physically as well. So one should take care of  themselves completely. They should take proper diets and ensure that they eat regularly and are fit. Because many a time during or after a divorce women feel very stresses and therefore they neglect themselves and also this stress start affecting their health. When you are going through a divorce there are a lot of things take will need your full attention and you cannot afford to fall sick in such a situation.

#3 A woman should never ever go through something like this alone. However strong you think you are you will still need a friend to help you deal with the situation and help you get through all of it. You might think that everything is under your control but sometimes things tend to go out of hand through no fault of yours, you certainly will need someone to help you sort things out. You will need a friend to discuss you feeling and future plan with. Never think that you can handle something like this alone.

#4 Many people who are getting divorced tend to feel hatred or dislike towards their partner for putting them in such a situation and making their life a mess. And many a times under such circumstances we tend to have a feeling where we would like to hurt them, physically or mentally. Their pain brings peace to our minds and hearts. We feel satisfied and getting back or getting even may seem to be a wonderful feeling at first but later on you will regret it. Because doing something like this only makes it harder for you to get over the relationship.It worsens things and makes it uglier than it should be. So it is better to heal calmly without doing anything irrational

#5 It might a little longer than expected for you to get over your divorce or relationship. And this is completely normal. You will certainly take time to get over this and this is extremely normal. It might take you some considerable amount of time to get your life back to normal and running smooth. You just can’t expect to have a normal life from the very next day of your divorce. You have to give yourself time to adjust to the changes and get used to the new life. You should rather take a vacation and spend some time alone to let yourself heal and prepare yourself for a new life leaving everything else behind. You need to give yourself time to have a fresh start.

#6 Once you are going through a divorce or have recently gone through a divorce, it can be very taxing. Your entire routine will go haywire and this will give you a lot of free time. Rather than sitting around idle and letting your mind wander and overthink you should put this time to good use. You should explore your interests and do what you really want to do. Because it is said that an idle mind is a devil’s house so rather than sitting alone and thinking about your situation, get out there and do something for yourself.

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Getting a divorce can be extremely stressful. But getting a divorce should not at all mean an end to your happiness. If it did not work out this time does not mean that it never will. One should never leave hope that something good will come along and should always hope for the best.

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