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I would begin by sharing a very famous story……

“I was chatting with my mother one a summer evening. I asked her if she had something to say, some advice to give. The only advice she gave me was “Don’t forget your girlfriends. Remember to visit them now and then, remember to do things with them, no matter how much you love your husband you will still need your girlfriends”.

I thought “what a funny advice”, wasn’t I to become one of those people who have that one special person who is everything to them, wasn’t I supposed to enter the couple world?

But I said nothing and simply agreed to do it. I kept in contact with my girlfriends“


Sooner or later we all find that one person who is our soul mate our life partner. We then think we have found that one special person with whom we can share our every problem, our every sorrow, our every happiness. What we forget however is that no relation is perfect. There will be ups and downs and at times we need a friend who will catch us when we fall.

It is true that we have that special someone and there will be moments when everything else seems to blur away and what matters then is only that one person. We do not think we would need anyone but him. We can never imagine feeling alone after this moment.

A complimentary truth is that no matter how caring or how loving your life partner is, there will be times they will not be able to live up to your expectations and sometimes even you won’t be able to fulfill their. This however does not make the relation less strong. This does not mean that you were not meant for each other. It’s just that life is not a fairytale and there is no such thing as “happily ever after”. Still we can lead a happy life if we accept what we get and do not struggle for perfection.

There are times when you seek a momentary escape from the responsibilities that a relationship brings and be loved and cared without being judged. Then we need our girlfriends who we did ignore at one point of time. To speak your heart out and to share your problems whatever they may be. Be it your make-up or your break-up girlfriends are always there by your side.


Even when you go through famous research works done by many scientists you would come across this idea. They suggest that you must not be dependent entirely on your husband for emotional needs. Having a friend who you can turn up to, besides your husband can sometimes make the relation even stronger. Sometimes our friends make us look at things from a different point of view, one which would never have been possible if we would have continued to live in the same circumstances. To find the solution we at times need to come out of the situation that created the problem in the first place and our girlfriends help us to do just that.

A girl’s night out is all you need to free yourself of the stress and tension. You can have as many guy friends as you like but there are things that only a girlfriend will understand. There are things only a girlfriend can do for you, for example accompany you to your favorite parlor and a lot much more.

Men and women have different ways of expressing themselves. Sometimes a man may not understand you the way a girl does. We all have known the common bond that women share. That bond is something of great value and something that we must be nurtured and cherished all throughout your life.


Girlfriends help you come out of unhealthy relationships. Few women accept the imperfections of their relationships. They prefer pretending that everything is just normal and good and that they are the happiest and the luckiest couple on earth. They are afraid of being looked down upon. I do not know why women blame themselves if a relationship does not work out. Women who share their problems with others tend to have a suffer less. When we have friends we do not keep our feelings bottled up inside of us. The leading cause that women stay in abusive relationships is because they are afraid that nobody would understand them. More than 80 % women will not tell anyone about it. On the other hand experts say that the first step to get out of such a relationship is to tell someone about the problem.

Had it not been the girlfriends the world would not have been such a wonderful place. Over years I have realized that good girlfriends are harder to find than good soul mates. You must never let them go once you find them. Life would be easier if we know how truly special our girlfriends are and that they have a very important role to play in our lives.

Somebody had rightly said “True love is rare but a true friendship is rarer”.


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