Don’t Keep Fooling Around.

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Being a management student I am aware that how marketing should be done of a particular product or event. But don’t you think the advertisements they show of products now a days is too much to take.

There are open competition and challenges taking place. Each one is putting efforts to show their competitors down, which I think is not supposed to be done. Have you seen the different toothpaste advertisements? They have crossed limits. There are so many trolls and jokes also made on it. They show how their toothpaste contains salt, lemon which is good for teeth. Once I had read a status on facebook by a friend saying it will be more beneficial to add hookah and intoxicants flavors too, so that the sales of toothpaste will go up. I wonder if he wanted to have toothpaste or just clean his teeth with it.

The shampoo advertisements are hilarious. Every other shampoo now has got more fruits in them then our refrigerator. I just hope they grow fruit tress more as one day it shouldn’t be like fruits are getting extinct. I know it’s a silly assumption but you never know what takes place. If the fruits were not enough there are even beer shampoos available in the market. If your girlfriend dumps you and you fall short of money, you can buy the beer shampoo which would be in your budget and enjoy the sadness.

How can I forget the deodorants advertisement which show how one spray the deodorant, move out of his house and then see girls are attracted towards him, the boat party advertisement from which the hot and sexy girls invite Indian men, is it necessary to do that? I wonder if someone get a chance to go, or it seems there will be many. If so was the case then even nerds of the college would come to college with the deodorants sprayed on them and the college hottest girls would get attract to them. Have ever someone tried it? Did it really work? What about the chocolate flavor spray did you become chocolate and girls wanted to have you? ahh! Many idiots must have tried but I am sure their money would have got wasted.


They say Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But the fairness creams are doing their job so well to make everyone beautiful. There are number of beauty creams available in the market to get a fair complexion which everyone dreams of. You can just play the “inky pinky ponky” game and chose a cream to look beautiful. If that does not work, you can jump to another. There are many who must have tried each dream but I am sure nothing worked. That’s because those are creams and not magic, and this is reality and not fairy tales. It beauty soaps and beauty creams for girl’s were not enough when there came a fairness cream for boys. So that they can also be the next Shahrukh khan!


A cockroach can also be a criminal! The next CID case can be the killer cockroach killing the other cockroach. Yes I am talking about the HIT killer spray advertisement. I don’t know if it really works. Have you tried it ever? Now your maids who wash your clothes or even if you wash your clothes yourself, you won’t need a manicure. As the new detergents promise you that they won’t harm your hands and your husband’s find you very beautiful now.

No need of handful of deodorants in summer. Yes! You heard me very well. Now the cool thundering talc powder with perfume talc added to it works very nicely and for longer time. It is better to have talc applied on your body which will do 2 works at a time one the itching can go and the other, you won’t stick. The talc for women, which will help you better than fairness creams. Just a pinch of talc and apply it on your face you are ready for your date.


There are advertisements for the online shopping sites so that people will enjoy the shopping and their maids can bitch about them. Have you seen the OLX advertisement? It says you can sell and buy anything you want which is available on the site. People are doing so. They sell unwanted things and those things are bought from the ones who need it. I had heard that people sell even the tiniest and weirdest things on Once I heard a friend of mine saying that he has a crazy friend who tried selling his underwear on the site. Eeewwww. I just hope no other crazy one bought it.

When I was a kid I only knew one chocolate drink that was “milo”. And now there are too many that too with different and all the available flavors of one’s choice. And what those milk powder drink promise us, is that one can be stronger taller and shaper. I know milk is an important and healthy drink for everyone. But how can milk powders make you taller stronger sharper?

And so there are many more that I must have missed. But are we so foolish that we believe on these advertisements? Is it so easy to fool us? Think about it. Jago india jago!…



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