Don’t Kill Me

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Don’t kill me ma! This is what a female fetus would say to her mother. She would plead her parents not to kill her. And give her a chance to be born and show that she too has the right to live. She would ask her parents to love her just as they would love a boy. She would tell them how much she loved them and how much she wanted to come into this world and be a part of their family. A girl child has just as much right to live as a boy. Just because she is a girl it doesn’t mean that she will not cannot live in this world. A girl is considered a sin for a family. A girl is considered a liability on the family and is therefore killed even before she is born. She is not even given a chance to prove herself. Girls are thought to be just responsibilities and an extra mouth to feed so a girl’s birth is celebrated whereas guys are thought to the earning member in the family and the member who might have a job and earn money and also get dowry when he gets married. And so I a son is born he is welcome with celebration.   When a girl takes birth, parents have to bear the burden of bringing her up.

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Also in today’s time , girls have to be provided education, so parents think that the burden of educating someone who will leave their house for her husband’s place after marriage is too much. Some parents feel they are wasting their precious resources on someone who will not remain their own is not worth the effort. Also since the crime against women have drastically increased this is another reason for female foeticide as there is now the added task of protecting and safeguarding the girl child. Female infanticide and foeticide has been going on for a long time and has increased in the past two decades. This is because of the introduction of the technique of ultrasound which can be used to determine the sex of the baby before birth itself. This helps people find out the sex of the baby and hence had lead to an increase in the number or abortions. Once people find out that it is girl, they prefer to take care of it before she is born only. Seeing the increase in the number of abortions the government passed a law stating that the determination of the sex of the unborn child was prohibited and made it a punishable offence.

Even though there are laws against it, this still happens illegally and still innocent girls get murdered even before they are born. The scenario is worse in rural areas as compared to urban areas. This is because the literacy rate in the urban areas are better as compared to the rural areas. This is one of the most talked about topics and is also a matter of concern for the nation. Because of this killing of girl child the ratio of girls to boy in the country has dropped down. The sex ratio in India is the second worst in the entire world after China. The most recent statistics tell us that that we have an average of 940 females per 1000 males in the country. This ratio is an average of the entire country. There are states where the ratio drops to even 850 females.  And over the years this figure keeps dropping as time progresses, indicating that these practices are increasing over time. The government has started various schemes and programs to deal with this situation. For instance in Tamil Nadu where parents had one or two daughters but no son, and either of the parents was willing to be sterilized, the government offered the parents money to help look after the children. This money was to be paid annually throughout the daughter’s education, followed by a lump sum on her twentieth birthday, either for use as a dowry or to fund further education.


Also for the girl child education the government has started more policies.In a major initiatives for girl education in the country, the Government had decided that every single girl child will be eligible for free education from standard VI to XII from 2005. All of these schemes have been initiated to improve the status of the girl child in the nation and to reduce these acts of violence against us the girl child. It is our responsibility of the educated generation to stir a revolution for saving the girl child. We need to educate those educated as well as uneducated ignorant people who commit such crimes. All of us can and should play a part in making others aware of this crime. Some villages in India have no girls due to which boys are unable to find a life partner. Here are a few things that can be done in this regard

  • Television, movies , theater etc can play a big role in awakening and propagating this message by broadcasting programs concerning the issue.
  • Government campaigns in the most vulnerable parts would also bring a change.
  • Strict legal action against the culprit parents, doctors, and relatives should be taken to stop such atrocities against the innocent girl child.

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