If you don’t Wear Western Clothes you are a “Behenji” (Down Market Style).

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Preeti belonged to a small town and was from a conservative family, her family had just shifted to Mumbai, and she was in a new school, a new city. Mumbai is one of everyone’s dream cities. She had also heard a lot about it, and wanted to be a part of it. And now that she had got a chance she was more excited about it. It was like her dream coming true.

Her dad had got a transfer from office, and so they had shifted to Mumbai. They lived in 2bhk flat. And preeti’s school was nearby from her resident. She could walk and go to her new school. She was excited to meet new people and have new friends. When she joined her school, everyone loved her and she managed to have good friends too. But sometimes it she found it too uncomfortable, as her friends used to talk about parties, hangs outs, boys etc. she just used to listen them quietly. Sometimes when they used to invite her to go out somewhere or for some parties, she used to give them some reason and excuse herself.

One day it happened that it was a small birthday party of preeti’s classmate and she was invited, her parents allowed to go as they thought it will help their daughter to settle in the new city. Her mother, gave her a new Punjabi green and purple dress; which when preeti saw was so happy to have a new beautiful dress. She wore it with earrings, and bangels matching to her dress. She had got a gift for her friend too and then she left for the party.

Her mother left her, to the address her friend had given it to her. preeti, entered the house, it was a  big bungalow.  As she entered, there were aunties wearing short dresses, some wearing designer saress and party wear. Her age girls were wearing all western clothes, she felt uncomfortable feeling as she entered. When she saw her school friends and her classmates, some warmly welcomed her and some made weird faces seeing her there. The birthday girl, itself asked her in front of all her friends and classmates, have you come in a wedding?  See your dressing sense is so down market eewwww. If I ever thought that you are a behenji I would have never been your friend and invited you to my party saying this she left the innocent preeti in tears of embarrassment.

This happen’s a lot and with many girls who come from small town, we have been so influenced by the western culture that we forgot what our culture is. We proudly say we are an Indian but we don’t like to see what really India teaches us. It is sad, that now only western clothes are in trends, there are girls I meet who have never tried sarees or salwar suits ever in their life. What they know is shorts skirts, jeans and tops.

The above scenario is mostly happened in top colleges and girls wearing Indian are looked down upon as behenjie’s, how hostile it is to behave in this way and look down upon on our country’s culture itself. When I see foreigner’s visiting our country and a lot of foreigner visit Mumbai and Delhi and I see them trying the Indian wear. They like to wear them, they will apply mehendi. But then what about us?

They make fun of the girl’s who wear Indian wear; that is they make fun of Indian culture. It is only when a girl is married she wears Indian wears or saress and in today’s age even that is not required. A girl is bold and independent and so she doesn’t like anyone bossing on her about her clothes. It is sad to see the generation changing its views about Indian culture. If you are truly proud of your country, there is no shame to follow the culture.

There are teenagers who try to imitate what the Bollywood and Hollywood actor and actress wear. That is again not required. Everyone looks beautiful in what we are and not what we try to be. Everyone is born different with different beauty and creativity. What is the need to imitate someone? Let’s just be what we are. Don’t look down upon someone who is not as good as you, you never know what if they are good at something and you are bad at it.

Everyone have the positive and negative side of their appearance, looks, character. We are humans and no one is born perfect. There is no harm in wearing in what one is comfortable. It is our mindset that believes in the myths created around, why should one fear and come in peer pressure to do what they like?

It is not necessary in fact I should say one should never do what others expect us to do, one should always listen to his/ her heart and follow what our hearts say. No matter how we look, no matter if we are thin or fat, tall or short, black or white, we are made by GOD, and we humans are no one to describe each other how beautiful or handsome one is. It is only the heart which should be seen and not the appearance.


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