Draupadi – Brave and Righteous

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Draupadi who is the adorable princess of Panchal and respectable wife of the bravest and humble Pandavas came into this world by the blessings of devas and all lords. She is a great woman who stands as a symbol of braveness and follows the righteous path. In those days when men dominance was at its peak, she came forward in pointing out the mistakes done by them without any hesitation. Today in this fast moving world…. how many have the guts to point out the mistakes down by people who are superior to us? Very few and that too those persons will be considered as cheap or head weight. It is true and many will fear to speak out even for defending themselves. These are the major reasons why people push us down and dominate us. If we find something fishy or not feeling good about their behaviour towards us, we must say it directly. This was done by the great women Draupathi which is to be adorned and followed. She is a woman who makes us to like her for her bravery and righteous decisions even in the midst of critical situations.

When she was in a crucial situation to marry all the five pandavas, she decided based on the welfare of all without any selfishness. But the world scorns her and laughs at her telling she has done a grave mistake.  Of course I don’t support her for marrying five men but she willingly did not do such act. Instead she was forced into such a decision. Later she helped the pandavas to act in the righteous path and pointed out their mistakes and corrected them. This should be the way a women or a wife to a man as a supportive one.

This one impressed me a lot. When Yudhistar lost her in gambling and when she was brought to the main court of Hasthinapur, she questioned each and every one telling this is an evil act. No one could answer her questions. She refused to become their slaves as she was not a thing to play with. When Dhusashan tried to remove her saree, her true devotion to lord Krishna made him to help her at that situation.

How many will speak out like Draupathi did when someone tries to do evil things in front of high ranked men? Actually we women should inculcate such attitude. Pride is not wearing adorable dresses and living in a world of luxury. It is how we behave and maintain a high self- esteem and create an atmosphere of respect to us. This does not mean wearing modern or any kind of dress is wrong. It is their own liking and wish but should never give up our pride at any cost that too under such situations. A woman is a powerful weapon who is capable to bloom the world at the same time if evil things happen to a woman she can turn into an evil destroyer too. This only happened in great epic Mahabharath also which ended in the death of evil kauravas and the men who tortured her were killed for their sins in a brutal manner.


I am really proud to say that things have changed and women started to come out against all odds and win the world. But though it is a good sign on the other hand the safety of women’s is still a big question mark only. We have all heard of incidents which are happening in our day to day life and the evil things happening to innocent gals of small age. We women should be brave enough to handle any situations. Let us drop our fears and stop worrying what the society will think about us. Let us start living for ourselves. Enough of sacrificing our life for the sake of society’s mouths . we need to speak out girls. While the same time we should know our culture and tradition. Being modern is not at all a problem but we need to modernize our thoughts and actions. Some might tell this work cannot be done by a mere woman. If it was a man then he will handle it easily. Women don’t have that much ability to tackle or have the boldness to face all sorts of situations. Just don’t give a crap importance to what they tell. You know you can and you know you have the ability to do it. Just do it and shut their large mouths. we are not trying to prove that women are equally talented to men as all knows that we are but I am just trying to voice out my thoughts that we need to be brave. Brave in the sense be kind enough to all but never allow them to misuse you or estimate you in low manner. Draupathi though faced many miseries in her life never gave up the path to be righteous. That only made her to accomplish what they want. So girls we are morally strong enough to shine in this world. Never feel low or fear. Just follow the path of truth and have faith in you. This will help you to achieve great things in life.

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