Draupathi and Her Karma..

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Mahabharath is another great epic which details about how life will be turned out if we follow the path of injustice. It also clearly makes us understand that whatever be the situation if we follow the path of truth we will win in the end. So even if life throws us to the most difficult situation we must try to follow the righteous path which will last long.

As we all know mahabharath deals with many characters, Draupathi who is the wife of pandavas plays a vital role in kurukshethra. Draupathi the blessed daughter of goddess fire who came into the world to reveal the rights of a women and will fight against adharma.

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One of the weird thing about her life is she was bound to marry five prince that is the brave pandavas. There is a saying the laugh and cry of us depends upon our previous birth’s karma. It Is really true there a reason for each and every action of us and our path is already destined by the god.

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As said before, there is a reason behind Draupathi getting married to five prince based on her previous karma….

In her previous birth, she was born as a beautiful daughter of a saint. She lost her mother in her young age. So her father brought her up. She was a beautiful daughter who takes care of her father when she becomes a grown up young lady. After few years her friends all got married and started leading their lives with their husband and children. In the beginning she did not feel much but later she too longed for that life. But her father is afraid that if at all she got married, there won’t be anyone to take care of him. So he did not get his daughter to get married. Days, months and even years passed but she remained single. Her longing grew more and more and she worried a lot. After few years her father passed away and she has none as her relative to live with. At that time a monk came and she told him her worries. she asked how long I need to stay like this?? Why can’t I lead a normal life like others? Then the   monk asked her to pray to lord Krishna who can sort out her problems. But she ignored his suggestion. Moreover she insulted lord Krishna. This made that monk to grew angry and he left.

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Meanwhile she prayed to lord Shiva. her prayer towards the lord was so fierce that she was too much devoted to him. Though she insulted lord Krishna, her prayer made lord Shiva to turn up in front of her. She was really grateful and greeted him with all might. The lord was happy by her devotion towards him and asked her for her wish. She was too nervous so that she said inside herself that she needs to get married ta great man. But in her nervousness, she repeated it for five times. Then the lord spoke out telling you will get married to five great men as you wished for. She felt embarrassed by that and apologised to the lord that she wished for one husband but in her nervousness she had committed a mistake. But the lord denied telling, the wish will happen as you asked . she begged the lord telling I will be treated badly if it happens in my next birth. My dignity and my soul will be scorned by everyone. She sobbed uncontrollably. Then the lord consoled her by saying you should not be insulting lord Krishna. No matter whatever happens have faith in lord Krishna, he will sort out the right path for you and the world will treat you as a role model of bravery, beauty and who is known to fight against adharma. He further said, if at all you had prayed to lord Krishna you would be getting Karna as your husband in the next birth who is known for his valour and kind hearted. A person who helps all whatever be their wish for.

Thus this is her past karma which pulled her long to this. A right time came when king Draupad longed to get a son to win over his insult. But the fate played well telling if at all he accepted a daughter, then he will be blessed with a son of valour. So in the beginning the king of panchal accepted and was gifted with a son. But he denied to accept the daughter. The devas grew angry and so he was forced to accept a daughter. He in his anger wished for a daughter who should be filled with sorrows all throughout her life. Even though there comes a situation for her to be impure, yet she should fight and remain pure. All were startled by this wish and they told she’s going to be born to change the ill happenings of this world. She will be marked as a brave women who remains in her righteous path and thus Draupathi or Panchali will be born out of fire like a goddess.

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