Is she drunk? That’s like the opportunity of a lifetime

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drunk girl

Getting drunk is what humans are doing best nowadays.  Alcohol is the most clichéd way of getting ‘drunk’, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only way. In the 21st century people get drunk on love, chocolate and what not. However, whenever someone associates the word “drunk” with any person, our brains interpret that the person of interest has more alcohol clanging against his/her gates of sanity and control than permitted; and, this results in a partial and at times total loss of conscience, and our supreme powers of judgement are reduced to a trifle.
So, in a world of equality that we are endeavouring to be, men and women both do drink. It often tickles my funny bone in harsh way when I realise that we are on the path towards equality with a long way to go. We descended from Gods, or from apes I know not, but, we were equals then of that I am sure. So, during all our times of ‘development’, have we really progressed?
Nevertheless, drinking is gradually rooting itself into the social fabric of the cities as the phones there are getting smarter. With “No women can’t drink”, the ‘funda’ has now improvised and adapted itself into “Not all women can drink.” Well, you might think that such discrimination against women is solely a virtue of the ignorant lot of our society, but, let me put it this way, We all are ignorant. Don’t we always presume that the ‘lady’ whom we are meeting for the first time doesn’t drink alcohol, and, if and when she sails her boat in favour of the spirits, doesn’t that come to us as a joyous surprise? We might sheathe this under the blankets of ‘etiquettes’ and ‘manners’, but, these blankets are woven by chivalry, which itself is a bright offshoot of discrimination.

So, brushing aside the well known fact of how drinking helps men, but is harmful to women ‘cause they are just women, the big question that comes to our mind when we hear the word drunk is “how drunk?”.  With men, tackling the drunk-ness is pretty easy, but when a woman gets drunk, it’s not a very usual site as a very small percentage of them actually drink alcohol. So, yeah, with a woman whose conscience has gone for a holiday, the men around her have to make a big decision; should they see her as an opportunity, or should they feel responsible for her? The choice one makes then might haunt him forever. Here, haunt could also be associated in a good way, like glory, if the responsibility is taken.

I had this very close friend of mine. One day, both of us, along with some of our classmates went out to drink. There’s nothing special about this in today’s time, right? After having a couple of rounds of various genres of alcohol, we had successfully accomplished around six-seven hours in that pub. The amount of alcohol consumed in that much time was unknown, but the bill was known, and we all came out of the pub in different shades of drunk. Some were tippsy, a few were sloshed, and a few were just drunk. Let’s just say there wasn’t a single soul in our group who had the full control of his/her senses. We couldn’t g home like this. Although we were adults, this wasn’t a Western country where our folks would have happily given a pat on our backs. This is India, and the very chances of us getting into our houses were bleak. This, in the perspective of a man; however, for a girl, the parents would obviously let her enter ‘cause the arrow of rape is forever pointing at her.
We unanimously decided that we’d fake some excuse and not go home, and stay the night in some hotel. Everything often works out well if planned properly, say the management wizards. Either our plan was too good, or it seemed too good I know not, but we sure did find ourselves inside a quite comforting hotel, and that too at a reasonable cost. The word reasonable had reached another level then for obvious reasons.
Sitting on this king sized bed, having an argument about how the beds too were used as objects of discrimination, the then very close friend of mine groped one of our female members. The female, whose drunk state was dangling between sloshed and too sloshed didn’t really try to resist it. The groping, followed by an ode on “how she is enjoying it”, turned into a series of kisses on her cheeks and neck, when fortunately some of the other witnesses regained enough senses to bring the whole scene to a stop.
The following day, when everyone is expected to be ‘normal’, the male character of the whole scene blatantly said that he was drunk, and that it wasn’t his fault, and as far as the female was concerned, she didn’t really know what had happened.
However, in my opinion it was my very close friend’s fault and thus, my opening line was “I had a very close friend.” He took the drunk girl as an opportunity. Maybe he was drunk, but the thought process criss-crossing inside our brains can never get drunk. He always had the Nobel prize winning theory of drunk girl being an opportunity buried inside his mind, and the alcohol only helped to change theories into practical examples.
People might argue that the girl was too at fault. Well, maybe she was, but, was her fault so grievous that what was done to her can be called just? Are we living in the barbaric days again?

It’s a sad state when a girl is deliberately got drunk so that the he can have a “chance” with her. This is utter nonsense, and shamefulness. When a girl is not in her senses she becomes your responsibility, and it is your duty to help her. If you can’t help, then at least don’t try to take advantage of her.
Please don’t make a drunk girl the opportunity of your lifetime.


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