Easy Tips for Homemakers

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Homemaker In Training

The job of a housewife or a homemaker is definitely not the easiest one on this earth. The entire family is dependent on her for the slightest of things and of course for the major ones too. She is on her toes round the clock and has to be physically strong and mentally at peace for the smooth functioning of the house. Every homemaker dreams of being a perfect one. A perfect homemaker is one who keeps a spotless house, keeps the food ready on time, packs her child’s school bag with all the necessary stationery and keeps her husband and in-laws happy. It is so often noticed that in taking care of the family and rendering all her duties and responsibilities with utmost care and dedication, the mother or the wife forgets about her own self. She has no time for herself and ends up as a victim of gaining weight, ageing at an early stage and unwanted yet avoidable skin problems. All this call for an easy guide that can help her manages the house, the kitchen and herself. Following are a few simple home remedies and accessible tips relating to weight loss, skin-care and home-care.

Not only read them, do implement them for a comfortable and enjoyable home-making while taking care of you at the same time.

SKIN CARE AND BEAUTY TIPS: The following tips will work on all skin types and home products are to be used. Share them with your friends and stay young and beautiful.

• Mix lemon juice, glycerin and rose water in equal proportions and keep the mixture in a bottle. Apply this on your back, shoulders and upper portion of the chest after taking bath in the night. Wash it off next morning. This will help reduce spots and marks. It acts like a natural astringent.

• Put two spoons of vinegar in the bucket while taking bath. This will help fight dryness and itching of the skin.

• Prepare a paste by mixing three portions of baking soda and one portion of water. Apply it on the face. Wash off with cold water. Repeat the same 2-3 times a week for facial and body exfoliation.

• Apply lip gloss only on the middle portion of your lips. Lips look bright and better.

• Use of low or bad quality nail paints or remover make the nails yellowish and they become weak and break faster. Use nail paints that do not contain toluene or formaldehyde.

Housewife has to take care of all

• Do not use artificially colored cosmetics and those with strong fragrance in large numbers or on a daily basis. The strong essential oils used in them damages the skin.

HEALTH TIPS: Health is wealth. A homemaker will be successful in performing all her duties only when she is fit and fine. Taking care of your own health should be the first priority. The following tips are a mixture of weight loss tips and how to stay slim and trim.

• According to one Spanish study , ladies who include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet from the early 30’s , do not face the problem of increasing weight with increasing age and they stay fit.

• It is a fact that meals or food with low-calorie appear to be more in volume. This tricks your brain into eating stomach-filling food. Eat pasta instead of sea-food or a small sandwich instead of a large one.

• Stand upright and lose weight. A research has proved that women who are fat stand two hours less in a day than women those who are thin. Stand for minimum one hour in the whole day to burn approximately hundred calories. Take short breaks while working at office and walk a few steps up and down.

• Work while watching television. This will help reduce calories. Often overeating happens while watching television.

• Vegetarians are thinner when compared to non-vegetarians. If you eat non-veg on all days of the week, try and reduce that. Eat veg food for atleast three days a week.

HOME CARE AND KITCHEN TIPS: These tips are your guide to easy cleaning of the house and kitchen tools. They are cost-effective, environment friendly and must be shared.

• To remove the smell of vegetables like onion from the wooden chopping board, soak a cloth in vinegar and wipe the board. Wash it with cold water.

• Wash fruits and vegetables in a pan and not simply under running tap to save water. Use the water in the pan to water kitchen plants.

• Add two spoons of vinegar in water while boiling eggs. The eggs will not break then.

• For cleaning the bathtub, apply a little amount of baking powder on a sponge and clean. Wash it after some time.

• Wipe the house (any kind of floor) with Luke warm or hot water. It deep cleans the dust and removes spots and stains instantly. More effective than using cold water. This reduces the need of using phenyl and other chemical solutions and cuts cost.

• Dry the clothes directly in the sun rather than using the dryer of the washing machine. Save electricity and get rid of infectious germs that are killed under the sun.

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