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Education is like a multifaceted diamond that shines ever so radiantly when it is polished in that precise, expert manner and when cut so perfectly by the talented hands of its creator; a rough diamond entrusted to the work of an amateur, or an apprentice surely cannot be expected to be a product of exquisite goodness at the end, but when that apprentice slowly hones his skills, enhancing them while toning his experience goes on to become a master at the craft and his creations will go on to win wondrous accolades. They say that no child is born evil, but that negativity is only acquired for it all depends on how the child was educated, and who all played a part in it, and what the child ingested from what it was taught it most vital. Just so, education if inculcated—and not installed—in a child in a good fashion, with everyday examples that inspire to illustrate its meaning, along with pruning and priming at the required edges will definitely end up causing a thing of beauty.

True it is, when accepting it that innumerable adjectives and poetical prose could be written on education. But what possible use could it be of, if the readers only savor the literary charm without acting upon the same in their practical lives? Glossy pages enfolded within an even more glossy cover of that parenting magazine (which almost gives off the feel of having touched a high-end fashion magazine rather than an informative read-up) will tell you that how you have been educating your child is plain wrong, and will list so many row upon row of ‘instructions’ while deeming that to be right. There are many who do not realize that educating is not a follow-from-a-text-book action, and it would not be unsurprising if such folks follow all that those magazines write about.

What education basically implies is learning, whatsoever be that which is to be learnt. Is that what is thought to be what education is, as of now? I think not. For the larger part of the populace, education is an ostrich race, not a mere running race between kids to actually put it. The current scene is not what fulfills what true education asks.

“Their education should be not like ours. They should be taught everything about leading a life and should be taught the basic subjects. Sports are a must.

Education according to me isn’t just a bookish matter. It’s more than that. It’s about how well the kids can perceive things happening around them and how they manage it.”

This was what a boy of just eighteen said when asked how he would want his future children educated, and when asked of what he thinks education is. Rather mature is his reply, and gladdening when we come to know that today’s teenagers know where their education has gone wrong, and that they want the truly right things for the future generation.

If only all of the current parents and public of the world realize this, and start adapting it into their lives, just about everything on Earth could turn out to be better.

The education of a child starts from the very day it is brought out into the world, torn away from the safe cocoon of its mother’s womb; it learns new things every other second from the minute it comes out, learns tons more from when it opens eyes. To learn to get used to its mother’s warmth, to get adjusted to its surroundings, to learn not to cry upon seeing a new face, to learn to walk, talk—all that is the beginning of a child’s education; believing that the kids enrolling in kindergarten, learning their ABCs and the primary colors is where their journey of learning starts is a big no. But it is so sad for it is everyone’s hard lined thought now that rigid, tasteless schooling is what education really is about.

Scoring the highest mark in every other test is impossible for even the best of students. But nah. We have the tiger-parents who firmly stick to it that everything in academics should be excelled at. What they do not possibly recognize is the fact that they are only but encouraging the child’s ability to merely mug up things and memorize, and not understand even the most fundamental concept behind what the child is learning. And if this foolish atrocity is spoken against, it is disagreed with vehement and stubborn refusal, not even considering pausing, and actually understanding things the way they ought to be taken in.

The children are extremely pressurized and don’t feel like learning anything new. They fall in love with following the similar, senseless routine. There is no passion, challenge or love for learning, no place for the right sort of education.

What use is such a monologue bore? Sure, it promises jobs with big salaries and perks. It also assures of no peace, void of freedom to accept new thoughts or even mere musings.

It is a shame that the glory of education has been reduced to this.

The time to throw such cheap cloaks off, and embrace the richness of that fine plaid wool that is going to keep us and our hearts warm.

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