Encouraging Inter Caste Marriages

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Gone are those days, when a marriage could only be conducted with the permission of parents,. There were times when marriage was executed only by parents. They generation is very fast nowadays and a self dependent class. One can do anything according to their wish and priorities in life.  It’s been a long time that India has got its independence, and we are one of the developing countries. This means, that we are progressing towards a successful nation, each and every day. Development is always marked as an overall development of nation. Political development, economical development or social development every development holds the same importance for our nation. Elaborating to social development, that also includes ‘marriage’. Marriages are regarded as the most important social custom and hence, were viewed as the best means to remove the barrier of caste system.  In 1954 an act was formed in law which was “The special marriage act 1954” enacted by the parliament of government to provide a special form of marriage for the people of India and all Indian nationals in foreign countries, irrespective of the religion or faith followed by either party.

Today, it is 21st century; we are liberated both physically and mentally. In Indian society astonishingly inter caste marriage could only be seen in city areas. The rural parts of the country still have a long way to go to achieve complete liberty for inter caste marriage. Caste systems and racial discriminations can sometimes act as a bane for our progressive nation. For years, the different societies of India, especially Hindu society have been divided on the basis of caste system and religion. The virtues and moral values of these caste systems were so deeply rooted that it took too many years for the Indians to come out of those ideas. Even today also many parts of our nation are struggling to come out of such social menace. History reveals that efforts have been made by various social reformers and individuals to make India free from the clutches of caste system, untouchability and race discrimination yet it still lacks in some parts of the country.

Over past few years the scenario for marriages has radically changed a lot. The people are no more narrowing minded or have an orthodox mindset. People have realized that a successful marriage is not dependent on factors such as same caste and religion. In fact people have known the facts that a good relationship is built on the aspects of mutual understanding and compatibility. It is how well two people or partners understand each other’s need, comfort and feel for your partner. It is not necessary that you have to belong to the same community or caste to understand your spouse better.  Today, there are ample of examples when two people from completely different background and lifestyle have came up together and are spending their  life happily with each other. Habits, attitudes and mindset are a viral thing. One educated person can teach too many uneducated people. Hence we cannot deny the fact that education has changed our way of living as well as thinking. Education has awakened the people and made them aware about a healthy sense of living and made them believe that Marriage is all dependent on true love and feeling and once this is achieved, caste and religion all are just petty secondary issues.


Some years before, even thinking about inter religion marriages in India was a taboo for most people. However, that scenario has changed with the laps of time and inter caste marriage has also became a part of this society. According to a survey made, one of the best and successful matrimonial site believe that, inter caste marriage are said to be more constant that other marriages.


With the passage of time, the definition of marriage has changed its no more inclined to only one culture.  Inter caste marriage stands as no bar; moreover it’s good to know another caste, way of living, mentality and culture. Inter caste marriages may be a great help for amalgamating the country as one.


Inter castes have promoted equality and proved that power of love is stronger than anything else in worlds. They have differences but yet they respect each other and each other’s culture, hence unity can be seen more in those couples.  Allowance to inter caste has made people choose their heart than getting pressurized or influenced by someone.  It is also said that the children who are brought out of inter caste marriages are tend to be smarter than came caste marriage’s kids as they are taught to be open minded as their parents.

Inter caste marriages are the best examples to prove that love and respect for each other can even unite the ones who are poles apart. Marriage is a human right and as a responsible citizen we must take the first step by encouraging inters caste marriages.


“Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor… Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.”  MOTHER TERESA


Rneeta Pal


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