Environment in Need of Preservation

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Extent and scope of the environmental degradation: There in ongoing debate pertaining to the nature and nurture controversy. The buzz around the globe is that of ecological stability. Today we comprehend that the burning of petroleum can never continue forever. Man has to think twice before taking measures to do with the environment as it is blatantly clear that man’s activities have severe consequences.

The term ‘ecology’ is used in almost all fields now. The term ecology is defined as the study of the relationships between the living organisms with their environment. With the emerging need for environment protection, the study of ecology has been given special importance in the present world. Humanity has seen impressive and highly effective conferences on nature, to have taken place over the past years.

For instance the 1972 conference on environmental issues held at Stockholm. At Rio, in 1992 and Johannesburg in 2002, debates and environmental concerns have been discussed. To list a few, deforestation owing to clearing of land for commercial and housing purposes, soil erosion resulting in flood and famines, marine pollution, noise pollution and depletion of the water resources have to be dealt with severity in the present times so as to curb ecological degradation. Besides these, toxic fumes that result out of consumption of natural resources such as coal and petroleum in the automobiles lead to significant environmental pollution. Oceanic pollution has rendered most water bodies all across the planet as unfit for habitation of the marine organisms. Oil spills that result out of drilling oil from the ocean bed have resulted in the death of rare marine species at an alarming rate.
The beginning of Alternative technology: The need for the hour is alternative clean technologies that minimize and even significantly cut down pollution. With the dawn of the century, alternative fuels have gained prominence. Ford, Daimler has come up with manufacturing of CNG cars. The choice is between gasoline and compressed natural gas. Toyota, Honda and many other small as well as large scale motor companies have chosen to eliminate toxic exhaust discharged by the vehicles by the making the decision to switch to Compressed Natural Gas automobiles.

The different spheres of nature, mainly, land air, water and soil are interlinked and dependent upon each other. Hence a change made in order to safeguard one aspect is greatly beneficial to the others too. Saving forestlands and wetlands go a long way in the saving of the ecologically fragile environment. Hence switching to alternative fuels such as solar energy, deriving electricity form water current in the form of hydroelectricity, using the power of wind to derive electricity is a must for the betterment of the environment. Instead of relying on firewood, petroleum and the burning of coal for firewood, using solar power, CNG, and biogas is an important step towards the sustainability and preservation of the dwindling environment. Keeping in mind the environmental concerns, the need for developing alternative sources of energy such as solar energy, hydroelectricity and biogas is maximising.

The solar panels have gained prominence owing to the threat that the burning of coal and petroleum poses on the health and state of the environment. Solar cells are made out of silicone that is an element found in plenty in the planet thereby preventing scarcity in the future.
How to have an eco-friendly home: the personal initiatives no matter how small could lead to a wave. Change begins with a choice. Recyclable articles if chosen of those that are not environment friendly can bring about a big change. For instance, here are a few ways to make a difference right from home:
• Preferring recyclable paper bags over polythene is a huge step that cuts down the non-biodegradable wastage. Reusable paper bags can be made at home too.
• Opting for non-toxic paint is a way to keep the air clean and toxins free.
• Potted plants and creepers suitable for homes should be incorporated in the living space. A greenhouse is a great way to preserve plants that are decreasing from the face of the planet. Adding plants makes the air fresh and thereby lightens the mood.
• Walking or cycling to the nearby grocery shop, instead of going in the car definitely minimises exhaust fumes to a large extent.
• Instead of using too many lamps and bulbs, ensuring that rooms are airy with plenty of natural light makes a huge difference in the electricity bills.
• Setting up a small residential solar plant is highly beneficial and saves the environment in the long run.
• Gardening is a way to maintain proximity with nature. Besides being an amazing hobby, planting and nurturing of plants is an important step in stabilising the planet.
• Saving energy by using gadgets that may be operated in power saver mode is a crucial step.
• Switching off unnecessary lights and closing the tap properly so as to prevent water loss is a major way to prevent the stress that is being laid on the environmental resources. Saving water is a must.
Human life along with those of other living organisms is intensely dependent on the environment. Curtailing the disturbances in the ecology owing to man-made activities is a global concern. It is your turn to make a difference to the environment!

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