The Evergreen Dilemma!

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The battle of elucidating women wishes is a common subject in every male diary. It is one equation which no level of education or experience has been successfully been able to decode. It is one challenge which males prefer not to opt because it would certainly be an act of fathoming an ocean.  The mental incompatibility has been so strongly forged that it has now become a traditional gift endowed to every succeeding generation. The logistic to evaluate women mind has always been an interesting subject to me which took me some good years of strong observation to reach to a plausible conclusion  and my research unfolds this way:-

While a woman enjoys gossips with her fellow friends in her neighborhood is suddenly called as ‘FM!’ but a man brooding his guff talks is identified as intellectual. She talks on subjects she prefers and if it does not hail from the sports industry or the so called topics of national interest , she is identified as shallow and redundant whereas men have an easy hand on that. Democracy is rightly a government of every ‘Man’, atleast in the local tea stalls. I wonder if at all talking about government make one appear logical and practical. I believe women are smarter; they entertain themselves without compromise! Opinions, comments compliments take a back seat and they live the life in a way they wish to. So if you are a man you cannot talk about your neighbors else you will have to trade your gender identity.


To all the girls for whom life is a deck with loud music, countless shots and endless dancing; beware! You are not out of the judgment yard. You are ‘too modern.’ Firstly, what are the standards to be identified as ‘ Modern’ and then there is a superior position of ‘too modern’ and exactly who has come out with those standards? But out counter gender does term us with such names. Well, while men live the same lifestyle they are generally termed as’ social’. I believe ‘modernity’ hasn’t struck the race yet.

Calmness has been identified as a gracefulness for the feminine gender. But a lady who finds serenity in solace is often called as ‘Introvert’ whereas a man with same trait is acknowledged as ‘Reserved! Honorable figure!’

Shorts and tees! Pumps and heels! Infuse variety in women closet and more than that it gives her happiness. But it is often regarded as impractical spendthrift attitude. Men spending massive on play stations and gizmos are acceptable on sheer reason of yielding happiness and women drive for shopping is abandoned? Accept it woman! Well at least clothes last longer than gizmos so it can still be clubbed under investment unlike expenses splurged on one time experiments.

Comfort is the biggest giving of the industrial age and it has intruded in every sector. One of the significant impact of it has been on the textile industry and high sped production along with liberal national policies have brought in garments over which male had an monopoly for long. With trousers being accessible to country women male have been badly hit. They are in utter confusion whether to support it or not. If yes to what extent! Women in traditional wears are easily referred as ‘ behenji’ and without any further thoughts they are accepted to be from the rural pockets of the country. The other lot who prefers slipping into denims is condemned to as male attention seekers!


Females who believe in less speaking are cited as unsocial while one who loves voicing her mind is outspoken! One who is enamored with pink color is ‘girly’ and one who doesn’t is ‘tom boyish’. One who does not go into an argument and believes silence is the mightiest sword is unreciprocal and one who speaks it all out; loud and clear, rebellious!


I wonder which way women should tread such that they could ever make other understand that the concern is not how we think it’s about why we think! It would have always been more enticing if robots would have replaced women. It is difficult even to make puppets dance on tunes for long then how come these figures of flesh and blood would comply with it.  The journey has been long and it is still ongoing, the war against prejudices and it’s modern forms; intensifying its roots and  multiplying its forms has become a perpetual part of women life.  The walls of opinions have to be broken and it is not easy! ‘We aren’t complex, the complexity lies where we go out of your imagined figure!’ We are shaped according to your wants yet mothers say one day your Prince will come to take you to the wonderland. Till then I wait to see how my wonderland looks and if I can breathe the air where I am not under any critical eye.

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