Not Everybody wants Love

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“Love is to love without expecting to love in return”

Yes because true love expects nothing in return.

Everybody wants a nice hug from their loved ones when they get back home from work each day. They want someone to tell them how much they are missed or wanted, it gives them a sense of importance and the feeling that they matter. That they are not going to die as a lonely person with no one to cry over their graves. That is what Dale Carnegie says in his famous book “How to win friends and influence people” that every action by every single human being is meant to give them attention and a sense of importance. We want to be loved that is a universal truth nobody can deny.

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Well but certainly somebody has rightly said love is the most misunderstood term. Love does not necessarily mean that you must pay for it. Some think that love has to be the final destination, especially if you r a woman. People judge d quality of your life and the amount of your happiness by how much u r loved by your husband. To get a good life partner is everybody’s wish but it may not be on top of every woman’s list. Women are often considered to be the weaker of the sexes considering the emotional aspect. They are supposed to make sacrifices in the name of love…

“Please let your little brother have that favourite pencil Sara, you are a nice sister”

“Now you won’t do that you are daddy’s little princess”

“You must not wear green, he doesn’t like it”

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But a man is supposed to be tough and practical. He is suppose to put his career and his job on the top of his list where as a woman is expected to give her family the top priority, why?

If you are a man and choose your job over your family, it’s understandable and a reasonable thing. But when a woman does the same she is selfish, she is showing off, she is heartless, she is a bad mother, she is a bad wife, and she is a bad daughter……!!!

Women who get loving husbands consider themselves better off than the ones who don’t, even if they had to trade off other things such as their job or her personal goals for it. Some even show them off as a trophy they had simply won. Well, then it would better be like winning a lucky draw, and to show off your luck all around, doesn’t seem like a good idea. Despite knowing that nobody can know the future and how a person turns out to be in the long run, the woman who gets a divorce is looked down upon. That is the reason most of the women choose to continue a relationship even if it means daily torture or a miserable life. Women who on the other hand chooses to make her own identity away from her husband, is not allowed to do so. Women are supposed to endure every hardship and go through every torment just to keep the honour of her family, but what about a man, does he not bear the same responsibility as a woman, to live up to the honour and pride of the family?

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Women are expected to forgive a husband who cheated on her but a man cannot be asked to do.
But there is one thing the world needs to realize is that not every woman lives to get a good husband or be loved by a man. With changing times women have undergone evolution. They are no longer willing to make sacrifices in the name of love and children, because her priorities have changed. Some women value their identity and personal goals more than a man’s strong arm around her, to protect and save her from the big bad world.

Now you might say that I’m contradicting the universal truth that everybody wants love and attention. But actually I’m not……!!!
Today a woman needs a man no more than a man needs a woman, or may be even less, after all more sons than daughters are dependent on their moms. A woman no longer gets the feeling of importance from looking after her kids or getting praised by their husbands of how good a wife she is, they get it by achieving what they have always dreamt of. It may be anything, money, a good job, starting a business anything at all. Anything they have looked forward to all their lives. The definition of a successful woman has changed. Because success has been defined by our personal goals, for a poor man’s daughter completing primary education and teaching the school kids might be success but for an MBA graduate success may mean getting a 10 lakh job.

And now for women being a good wife and a good mother is not the final destination anymore. They no longer want to be called Mrs. Gupta, rather have their own image in the society independent from their family. Just love may not be sufficient and to some it may not be as important as well many other things.

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Since decades women have been considered as the emotional and more sensitive, and wives are suppose to give their husbands every possible attention, to satisfy the big male ego, because men never wait for their wives to return home, it’s a wife’s job to do that, isn’t it?

Well, it’s about time that gets changed, now a man must rather consider himself rather lucky to be on a women’s list. Moreover they better prove that they deserve all the importance they have been getting for years.



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  • ram sharma

    Is this the same sonal from gingerchai ?