Are we on the “Fast Track?”

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“There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the condition

of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on one


 – Swami Vivekananda

Time is divided into three parts- past, present and future. It is necessary to maintain our pace and move along with time and people. There are various fields where women are speeding up to go along with men. Our past was where women were considered inferior to men. Our present is where women are fighting for their identity. Our future is where women will be equivalent to men. But apart from all this, we must not forget that we have to carry our culture, values and norms side by side with us. The increasing need of women of being equal to men, gaining official recognition in the society and becoming independent is allowing her to exploit herself in some way or the other, be it her workplace, home or any other place where she holds a position. Let’s talk about the media world. Nowadays the involvement of women in media is increasing at a greater pace. They are exposing their body to a greater extent which is not acceptable by the society. It is causing a negative effect on the society and its culture. There are various television shows, advertisements, news channels were content about women is exaggerated to a greater extent. As far as women who are exploited, they don’t seem to take much interest in that sort of exploitation. Conditions of women being exploited have to be improved. The way how media portrays the image of a women has to be transformed. Exploitation of women through media can be seen in various forms. Take the case of advertisements. Recently, in an advertisement by a famous company “FASTRACK”, a female model is wrapped in a yellow tape bearing ‘SALE’ all over her body. She is wearing nothing but that yellow tape on her body. Is this what we call enhancement? Is this what we refer to lifting up of status of women by reducing her clothes? And is it really the advertisement of SALE of fastrack watches or it is the advertisement of SALE of WOMEN?

Fastrack Advertisement for SALE

Sale on the commodity or woman?

These were the very first questions I asked to myself and wanted to ask others too. These questions may arise in your mind too. And if they are hovering in your mind, than believe it or not you have taken the first step towards the betterment of conditions of women.

There are more T.V. commercials which depict how woman and her body can be used and exploited just to grab the attention of the audience. For example, In some advertisements of ‘Axe Deodorants’ or ‘Axe Soaps’ we can see  4-5 women roaming around one man just to show that the level of desperation of a woman ‘Rises’ if a guy uses that particular product or take an example of a foreign brand Dolce and Gabbana, there are 5-6 men desperately wanting to ‘Feel’ her. She is lying on the floor and guy is restraining her by holding her wrist and the other guys are staring as if they just want to jump on her and ‘EAT’ her. It can be noted that I have used the word ‘feel’ not to create any fuss about the advertisement.  The moment you’ll see that advertisement, you’ll get to know about what exactly I am talking about here.

Dolce & Gabbana


Women are not any sort of accessory of men. Such kind of thinking is preposterous. As far as showing off the “Goods” of women is concerned, there are lot more examples of advertisements of Lingerie’s , where women are promoting them in such a seductive manner that we feel ashamed and embarrassed to sit with our family whenever such type of commercial pops up on the television screen. We just try to divert our attention somewhere else until and unless that advertisement gets over, which is true. Frankly, we ourselves wish that this type of “show off” should be stopped and then there are many other people unlike us who find these commercials attractive. Where have we lost our norms, our values? In the dust? Or in the past? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. And now the question arises, are we on the ‘Fast Track’?

We have been accepting these changes just because we think we are getting ADVANCE! But is it so? Than why do we feel ashamed of all this?

As far as Bollywood is concerned, I am left speechless. In Bollywood movies like ‘The Dirty Picture’ , ‘Heroine’ , ‘Fashion’ etc., heroines can be seen in a half-naked position performing their roles. On being asked regarding this limitless exposure, the producers and directors brush off the question by simply saying that this is what the audience is demanding and that they will have to live up to the expectations of the audience. Bullshit! No! I mean like seriously? One can’t be so shameless!! If we further move on to our so-much-favourite melodramatic daily soaps, women can be seeing exploiting other women or making plans against them which do not convey a healthy message to the people watching it.

After all this is happening we consider that we are advancing. No! we are not. Yes , we are on a ‘Fast Track’ but the track is wrong. We need to change our path and raise a voice against exploitation of women. We need to SPEAK OUT!

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