Female Dominated Societies

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In most parts of the world, we have seen patriarchal society, a society dominated and controlled by men. A society where women are considered the inferior race or at least are given the backseat when it comes to making important decision. According to Wikipedia Patriarchy is a social system in which males are the primary authority figures central to social organization, occupy roles of political leadership, moral authority and control of property, and where fathers hold authority over women and children. In other words a male dominated society is a society where men have most of the power regarding almost everything.


This mindset is not something new, it has been going on since ages. This is because men are always considered the bread winner of the family. The family member who gets all the required resources and women have always been the ones who take care of the family and the household chores. So incidentally it was considered that men had a more important role in the family compared to the women. If the man does not get the bread the whole family goes hungry which would have a drastic effect but if the woman does not do her work the world would not stop. And so as men earned the money they had more say in the matters. This led to the development of a male dominated society. the society we live in today. Even though times have changed and things are much different than they used to be this mindset of people still persists. There are still a couple of valid reasons for the world to be male dominated.


Men still outnumber women

In the U.S., UK and China and even India the number of males born are much more in comparison to the female infants.  In China; the most populated country in the world, the gap between male and female births rather than decreasing has actually increased over time. The current ratio is 103 men for 100 women in the world. And the sex ratio at birth is 110 males to 100 males.

This is  also because Asian-Americans prefer sons over daughter more than often.


The powerful positions are still help by men

Though there are women in the world who are doing great and hold positions of power but the number when tallied with men is very few.  So women may be more prevalent in the workplace, but in the really influential positions, men remain prominent by a huge majority.  Men still hold the most important posts in of the world and hence the control of men still persists in this modern day world too.

But despite all of this there still are societies that are female dominated since the beginning and still function the same way. Here are a few female dominated societies



They live near the border of Tibet in the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces. They are one of the most famous matrilineal society. The Chinese government officially classifies them as part of another ethnic minority known as the Naxi.

Mosuo women typically handle business decisions and men handle politics. The children are raised with the mother in her house and take name. The Mosuo have the system of “walking marriages”. This is a system without an institution and the women here choose their partners by literally walking to the man’s home. The couples never live together.




The Akan are a majority in Ghana. They still follow matrilineal form of society. And hence in this clan things like identity, inheritance, wealth and politics are all determined by the women and not the men. All the founders of this clan are females.



They are the world biggest known female dominated society with a population of over four million. They are originally from west sumatra. The Minangkabau firmly believe the mother is the most important person in society. Also according to the rules of this society all the property is help by the women.




The Bribri are a small indigenous group of just over 13,000 people living on a reserve in the Talamanca Canton in the Limón Province of Costa Rica. Like many other matrilineal societies, the Bribri are organized into clans. Each clan is made up of extended family, and the clan is determined through the mother/females. Women are the only ones who traditionally can inherit land and also the only ones endowed with the right to prep the cacao used in sacred Bribri rituals.





Much like their Khasi neighbors in the North-East Indian state of Meghalaya, the Tibeto-Burman-speaking Garos pass property and political succession from mother to daughter. The youngest daughter is typically named heiress and her marriage will often be arranged. Sometimes the family may have to physically capture the future husband. Once married, the husband lives in his wife’s house. Should it not work out, the union is dissolved without social stigma. Marriage is not a binding contract, but one is expected to remarry after divorce. If a Garos woman pursues her own mate, she plays aggressor and the male demurs. Parents must still sanction the union, as any match remotely inter-clan is forbidden.

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