Female Genital Mutilation

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Sometimes, humans can truly cross every single line.

Every boundary. We go beyond the norms of what should constitute the behaviour of an intelligent, sentient species and reduce ourselves to absolute animals. We’re capable of committing unspeakable horrors, and we do it with no remorse.

Sometimes, we even go so far as to justify our actions. War, and the protection of an authority’s estate are common excuses. Sometimes, we simply say that we had no other choice,

But then, you get a very special kind of human who believes that the horrors they commit are not only justifiable, but a duty. These kind of people are very often brainless and blind to their actions and are cold and cruel. People like this know that the world cannot accept their depravity, and so they hide behind misinterpretations of culture and/or religion.

In about 30 countries, there are people like this practising one of the most inhumane and abhorrent practices. Female Genital Mutilation. The partial or total removal (or injury) of the female genitalia for non-medical reasons. The act of taking a young girl, maybe weeks from birth or close to puberty, and cutting her clitoris, her labia and/or closing her vagina (only allowing for small passage for urine and childbirth). In 30 countries, people pretend to believe that this is an acceptable ritual, and every single one of them have a wide range of nonsensical answers merely designed to draw attention away from the fact that they should be locked up in jail forever, if not worse.

They claim that it maintains a girl’s fidelity. Do you know why it is done? Because it makes sex such a painful experience that nobody would do it in a recreational fashion. Do you know how it is done? With a filthy, unsterilized pair of scissors or a razor.

Apart from the obvious effects on a girl’s health, it has several follow-up complications such as, but not limited to: chronic pain, cyst, recurrent infections, an inability to bear children, complications during child-birth and mortal bleeding.

125 million girls in North Africa and the Middle-East have been subjected to this barbaric procedure. That is not including the countless number of girls who’ve been subjected to the cynical and ghoulish surgery in immigrant communities all over the world.

The cut is normally made in the poor girl’s family home under the supervision of her parents – who obviously have little or no respect for their daughter’s life. Empty excuses about tradition and culture have been thrown around but that is no reason to keep the perpetrators out of jail. South Americans used to behead people on their pyramids as sacrifices to blood-thirsty gods like Huitzilopochtli. Europeans started the slave trade. Should we allow all of that to continue in the name of “culture and tradition” too?

And the problems don’t even stop there. The WHO, the biggest opponent of the practice, doesn’t even have accurate data on the procedure. Due to the many different ethnic cutting styles and languages, victims of the procedure are unable to even explain to doctors what’s happened to them. The names are garbled and the lack of words to explain the horrors are seriously hampering efforts to stop it. Since the practice is often conducted on young babies at home, there is no way to stop it. Mothers and fathers are the ones pushing for it to happen, and they will most certainly not allow their children to report them. There are 4 categories of mutilations carried out, each one growing in severity and each one as loosely categorized as the other; nobody really knows just how bad the situation is in the most primitive of households.

The practice is often conducted by nauseating characters who call themselves “traditional healers”, although they are anything but. In some countries, licensed doctors conduct the operations. But normally, it is untrained and uncouth criminals – because that is what they are by any human norms – that carry it out. One “practitioner” even boasts of having cut up to 30 girls with the same knife. Without mentioning HIV/AIDS and the other STDs the young girls can contract, can you imagine how filthy the blade would be?

Several reasons have been given for the practice of female genital mutilation, but the truth is that most of the so-called “practitioners” are merely scammers who have spent all of their money and bring back pre-historic beliefs in order to make more money. They have no concern for the permanent damage they’ve inflicted upon the child, and will gladly do it again. In what sense are they healers?

And the worst thing is, they have managed to brainwash the children who they’ve mutilated. Most women who have undergone the procedure believe it was the right thing to do, and they want more and more people to do it. This is a procedure that many of them can have no memory of and that carries no medical value. It simply an age-old tradition practiced by dinosaurs.

The hope is that organizations like the WHO keep fighting to end it, but their chances don’t look very good, and the decline is very slow. Until the day this brutality stops, no woman anywhere in the world can truly consider herself free, not as long as other women are being hurt like this.



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