Female Unity

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Female unity is a much-vaunted ideal, but it is rarely practised in reality.

Now before you seek to slap me for saying that, we need to establish certain facts. Honest facts, with no bias at all.

First of all, women are at a disadvantage in today’s world.

That is indisputable, otherwise this blog wouldn’t even exist, and no amount of minor conventions like public seating arrangements or entering rooms before men will change that.

Secondly, gender EQUALITY is what we seek.

As opposed to what many feminists believe, many men throughout time have advocated gender equality. Most men never asked to be given traditional privileges, and are born into ready-made systems. Clearly they can be unfair, and that’s why we do try to change them, by educating others that women are just as good as men.

Thirdly, only women can help women.

This might seem self-contradictory considering my earlier affirmation, but it is very true. Every time a man protests for women’s rights, he is simply ignored. Even if he isn’t ignored, he is forced to downscale his demands until they become merely superficial – things like extra tickets for women at football matches. The sub-conscious logic behind this comprise is that since we’re not fighting out our own war, we can’t be too hard-line and turn down things that women might be happy with.

Thus, women have to come forward and say exactly what they want, how they want it and when they want it. Diplomatically, of course, and reasonably.

And the key to that is that it has to be women. I believe that men can make mild advances towards women’s rights on their own, but women will never be completely free of suffering unless they stand up for themselves. And by “themselves”, I’m not simply referring to themselves and their immediate acquaintances. I’m talking on a global scale.

98% of sex slaves are women.

Girls your age, who’re being denied a life. Girls your age, who’re being denied an education. And make no mistake, whilst many of women’s issues arose out of the natural progression of our political policies, the sex trade is exclusively men’s fault. We can be absolved of many things that feminists accuse us of, but this is one area in which every man in the world needs to take responsibility. But ask yourselves, will that change it? No.

“Girl Power” is a concept that encourages women to stand together and fight for each other’s rights. But if you can’t even be bothered to make an effort to liberate women in worse conditions than you, then its all just talk. There is no way that the world will ever turn into the egalitarian utopia we’re striving to create unless women make one big push and ensure that basic women’s rights are respected everywhere.

On television, we see women campaigning for women’s rights to do all sorts of trivial things when there are still places where women are not even allowed to learn how to read, or to drive a car. There are places where women can’t even vote! That’s incredibly backwards, yet most girls don’t seem too preoccupied with that.

If women could unite as one just as they did to get the vote or to do men’s jobs, it is almost inevitable that these primitive societies will open up and grant women the basic rights they deserve.

Of course, the same argument can be levelled at anybody due to class divisions and racial disparities in wealth, but the fact of the matter is that women are doubly unfortunate. As I established right at the beginning of this article, women are already at a disadvantage. They need to be on the same footing as men, at the very least. What would be the logic of fighting for a better world, taking down the elite corporations strangling our economies and entering a prosperous new era if women don’t have a defined role in it?

Imagine that by some miracle, the economic crisis resolves itself, and the vast majority of corruption is curbed. The world would be great, right? Wrong. For women, at least.

Because there would still be places in the world where women are regarded as second-class citizens who aren’t wise enough to elect their governors. The question thus beckons – would you even care? Because many women these days are fighting their issues as if they’re completely isolated from the problems plaguing other women elsewhere.

Take for example, the issue of domestic violence.

Not every husband wants to hurt his wife. A minority do, in fact. So if you’re in the majority and have a good husband, you should probably just focus your energy and donations on ensuring women have the right to wear mini-skirts in public, right? Because domestic violence doesn’t affect you!

But you’re a woman, and as I keep repeating, women have been placed in a very unfair position by men. Unless they address it, there will always be a gender gap in everything. Unless all women join forces and combat issues that are pertinent to them as a gender, it’ll be very difficult to achieve the gender equality we all envisage.

But for the record, many men will be right by your side the whole way. We want the same things.



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