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It’s a well known scenario where we, humans, have taken shelters under the wrong impressions; well, not all of us, but most of us; and, as we ‘advance’, discover, and invent new things, we, after adorning the cloak of perspicacity, using the tools of ignorance have carved out large chunks of misconceptions that would be more than enough for our whole race.

Earlier, it was the ‘World being flat’ misnomer that was bolted onto the brain doors of all, and now it’s the misnomer, or misconception whatever you call it, shadowing the ideology of Feminism.
To some, feminism is nothing but the opposite gender of male chauvinism. Many don’t know about the word, and the ideology as a whole, thinking of it as an aristocratic way of describing something feminine; and the people who really know about it form the negligible section of our society.

Feminism simple means equality for women. Equality in all walks of life. Feeling ignorant, if you Google for the word now, the results would boast about equality in political, social, political, economic, cultural, and social and what not. The human brain is such that it sees things how they appear, and Google surely would make feminism appear as something big; and you being not that big of a man, a common man, would think that you surely don’t have the hands’ length to do something about it. Well, that’d just be wrong, ‘cause as they say tiny drops of water make an ocean, in the same way, your small lengthened hands would help to create the Taj Mahal for the women. Yes, feminism means giving women equal rights in politics, but it also means not discriminating women, which most of us do as a habit. The special treatment or those special pair of glasses we wear when we see a woman have to be culled.
More than lying in the hands of the policy makers, the infant reins of feminism are with you.
Most of us would still want to be convinced that we can’t do anything about feminism owing to our laziness, but differences create divide, and life is too short for divide, isn’t it?

There’s this friend of mine who is normal. In a world where maniacs are disgracing the human race by killing and raping, not everyone is normal, right? By normal I mean someone who gets loathed and enraged when he sees someone mistreating a woman. The line of mistreating that he has in his mind is too thick in my opinion, ‘cause he’s one of the many guys who believes in treating every woman like a ‘Lady’. The Lady here draws its references from the 16th century when bowing and greeting every woman was giving perceived as giving respect. The bowing has stopped, but the artificial politeness, and mesmerising comments inducing the all craved for “Aww” have become the movies of today.
Once we were just out on walk, doing window shopping, when we ran into this girl from our class. We stopped, spoke to her, and as they all do, moved on with our lives. However, my friend wasn’t really ready to board the plane of “All”. The briefest of moments after she had passed were the buffer, after which my friend turned to me, gave me the look like I had killed someone, and blurted out,” How did you talk to her?” To me it was a rhetorical question, but then he had paused, which meant he wanted me to answer; so, stating the obvious, I said,”Mouth!” The look on his face became more prominent now, and he said the most ridiculous of things. He was angry because I had spoken to our female friend as though she was a guy. Well that’s just exaggeration, and exaggeration is something we just love, isn’t it? So, apparently I hadn’t given her the respect that a girl deserves, and a guy doesn’t. This was something that made me laugh. And, thus started a discussion, which quickly turned into an argument having the directions of a rudderless boat.
This is the problem. TV series, movies, certain books, and even the newspapers make us pity women igniting the light of chivalry. Undoubtedly they don’t deserved to be raped and all, but they really don’t deserve to be pitied upon either. Pity is reserved for the weak. Women aren’t weak.

It’s not most of the men over stepping the line of divide, but many of the women too have become accustomed to this kind of discrimination. If a date between an almost couple has to happen, it has become like a thumb rule that the onus of paying for everything falls on the guy. And if the guy, tries to  stand up and doesn’t treat the girl “specially”, then he’s given lectures on how he must improve on his mannerism and respectism, only if that was a word.

“Why would you call her? It’s not a thing for girls,” is one of the most favourite declarations made by the guys’ community. Just because she’s a girl she isn’t expected to drive, ride, play football, or even swear.
Well, she’s a human. Eureka!
She needs to be treated the same way as a man. Not worse, and not more than a man. We guys have got a bad habit of under doing and overdoing everything. Either we lock them up in the houses, and expect them to act like our servants, or, we run to Britain and get the queen’s crown for them.
Less sugar, or even more might be okay, but it isn’t right.
We have to wake up in the real sense and start believing in feminism. Equality is what everyone needs. Guys get tired of giving the special treatment, and girls have got tired of taking the special, and the cruel treatments. It’s time we moved on, and realised that women should be treated equally. After all, apart from certain subtle differences, both come under the confused category of humans.

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