Finding Mirabai

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In the times of exploration and the disastrous emancipation where the situation of woman is not just at a herald but is a fixture identified less in terms of decayed terms but more in cliched timelines there is no more of Meerabai that we can locate. There is no more of the divine madness that we can get to see or that we can hear about. There is a scarcity of what we call madness in love because there is more of ‘like’ and less of love. There is more of media and less of words. There is more of virtual and less of reality. There are no more ‘Bhakti’ that people can give the almighty for the insanity one owes to them.

Mirabai was a phenomenal follower who was not just crazy for her Lord who is Lord Krishna but was a mad follower of him. She decided to leave and forbid all and everything for him. The mystic heroine forgot the world and the worldly affairs for her lord. She was a very eminent scholar and an important Sant guru. She is one of the gems who fabricated the best of poetry jewels and acmes of those times who are still remembered for their simplicity, authenticity and brilliance.

The story goes around that also left her husband for the love of Krishna. She left all that she has which included a home, her belongings, her relationships, her family and all that was close and dear to her only for so that she could give all the love to one thing. She didn’t believe in the art of division. The songs that she composed were majorly and immensely bhajans which were in due respect to her lord, either in praise of him or in the manner where all his stories are being foretold and said. The description that she gives is vibrant and very student like. Being a princess of the Rajput gharana she never indulged in all that made available to her. She gave up upon all the desires and pleasure of the day that were present then which was not just difficult but also required a lot of strength and zeal.

The fact that remains hidden under covers is that she even refused and refuted to please her husband. She never listened or heard to what he asked her to do and give. She was never a good wife. All she cared about was a lady who only believed in her Lord and was completely and totally crazy about him.
Sometimes the flow of her love went to an extent where she even went to an extent to find him to different places, travelling and moving from place to place and from land to land. She even indulged in music and dance. She roamed around pitching her love and even asked people to spread her love and devotion for the almighty. 

She was a stern and a very protective lady barely those we find in the contemporary world and also those we do not even get to hear about. She was challenged and scrutinised from so many places and people yet she emerged strong and affective in the end. She was opposed for her love and there were many who doubted her character and nature. There were stories that went around where she was asked to drink poison by a person. There story that goes around is that she even drank that same cup of poison and even then she remained as pure and alive that she was.

She believed in the power of words and chanting. She wrote in brim language and she also was a devout believer in monotheism. She was a lady who left her home eventually because of too many criticism and hatred from the people around and she eventually because numb when it came to world devised dreams and desires. She believed that most of the things are human created and everything including love , happiness and sorrow is momentary and created.

Someone like Mirabai is so hard to exist in the life of today that is is almost surreal to believe in a principle and idea like this anymore. 

A woman like Mirabai is a lady of honour. She is the very essence of all that was there in a lover who quantified the love with devotion and madness. The craze of those times can not be hence found in anyone or someone like that today. Mirabai was an alternate to many others that exited then, but can exist no more like Tansen, Mahadevi Akka or Kabir. The lady was gorgeous and even dreamt of marrying the lord she adored. She was a participant in the promotion of the Bhakti movement and devising an entire school which made the movement go prosperous and famous all the more. The real fire spread with she leaving her husband and refusing to sleep with him. The acmes like Mirabai were crafted in such a ceremonious manner that they are not just hard to find now but are impossible and very irrational to be present in the society of today. 



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