Five common mistakes that women make during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is such a phase that is eagerly awaited by all married women. During this phase, the pregnant lady tends to receive advices from one and all and hence is often overwhelmed by this truckload of advices that she receives. The decisions that a would-be mother takes are often the very first that she takes as a parent. No matter how many elders you have at home, it is always advisable to consult the doctor at every phase of your pregnancy instead of relying solely on the advices of the elders. As in the case of most women, they learn all about pregnancy and parenting through the trial and error method. Due to this, pregnant women tend to make some mistakes either knowingly or unknowingly. In order to make the entire pregnancy period hassle free and stress less, here is a list of the five common mistakes that women should take guard against during this span of their life:

  1. Announcing exact due date to all near and dear ones- Research has shown that there is a 20% chance that women tend to deliver in their 39th or 40th week of pregnancy. Chances of women delivering on their exact due date is really slim. Labour pain can arise any time two weeks before to two weeks after the due date which leaves a gap of total four weeks. All our near and dear ones generally have our best intentions at heart but they often tend to overwhelm the would be mother by constantly calling up to make sure that she didn’t have the baby and forgot to inform them. The only way to avoid this headache to a certain extent is to let the relatives know the due month instead of the exact due date.
  2. Worrying about gaining too much or too little weight- The quality of food that a pregnant woman consumes is much more important as compared to the weight she gains because of this consumption. It is very important for the would-be mother to consume healthy food to provide proper nourishment for the baby. Pregnant women often tend to consume extra food due to their wayward thinking that they need to eat for two and in this process end up gaining unnecessary extra weight. Pregnancy is such a time in the life of a woman when she needs to make smart choices about her diet because if she fails to consume the adequate nutrients required for the proper growth of her baby, then the baby will draw in the nutrients from those stored in the body of the mother which in turn can adversely affect the health of the mother.
  3. Avoiding buckling up for fear of harming the baby- It is seen that most women in their third trimester avoid using seat buckles in car for fear of harming the baby. This is a false belief which should be avoided at all costs because foetus is more likely to be harmed in car accidents than through the use of seat belts. Research shows that many miscarriages which happened due to car accidents could have been avoided if the pregnant lady buckled herself up. At all costs, care should be taken while travelling to ensure that the pregnant lady is properly buckled up.
  4. Focussing on oneself- During the period of pregnancy, worrying about others should take a back seat and the would-be mother should focus only on the baby and herself. It is natural to feel certain periods of anxiousness and stress. During these times, it is advised that the would-be mother should take plenty of rest in order to distress herself and talk her heart out to a doctor. If it is the second issue of a woman then the would-be mother should hire help to take care of her child so that she can concentrate only on herself. It is very important for the husband to step in and take up more responsibilities so as to let the pregnant woman enjoy as much relaxation as possible. The most important thing for a would-be mother is to concentrate only on herself and the baby and leave the rest out for others.
  5. Not exercising- It is a prevalent belief that pregnant women should not exercise and take as much rest as possible. But this is a myth to certain extent because there are yoga exercises which prove to be very beneficial during the period of child birth. Hence, all pregnant women should consult their respective doctors to decide upon the most suitable type of exercises to help them through the period of pregnancy and also prove advantageous for the baby.

All women need to treat their period of pregnancy as a normal part of their lives. Worrying too much unnecessarily often proves to be detrimental both for the mother and the child. Instead of believing in pregnancy myths, women should just keep leading their regular life while keeping their doctors updated about her health which will help them pass through this phase without any setbacks.

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