Forced into the Act

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The cough sound came from the room again. It was Asha’s Mother, who was suffering from Lung cancer, for the past 1 year. Her father died four years ago. There were a lot of responsibilities on her head, as her mom was not able to go for work. She had to go to school, after that straight to smitha’s house for household works. She was earning about 3000 per month, which was not enough for them. She had to take her mom to doctor every month for dialysis. Her Uncle was a politician; he was also helping with their financial problems. He was a sort of guy who had weakness towards girls. He used to visit them once in a while.  “Asha some water”, requested her mother, asha took water in a glass and gave her mother. There was a knock in the door; she went to the front door to see her uncle. He used to come to their house not because he wanted to help his sister but to see asha. “Come in uncle”, said asha and asked him to sit in the sofa.

She went in to prepare coffee for him, “Who is that”, asked her mother to asha. “Uncle Ma”, yelled asha. She gave the coffee to her uncle and then sat opposite to him and started talking about her moms’ disorder. She was talking about her school’s needs also. Her uncle was hearing all these without a word and at last he gave her a 1000 rupees and left the house. The next day, asha had to take her mom to doctor, where she was told that an amount of 50,000 will be required for further dialyses. She did not inform her mom anything about the cost issues and took her mom back home. After making her mom sleep in the bed, she started her school works. At that particular period of time, she had a knock in her door, and that was her uncle.

She made her uncle sit and told him what had happened in the hospital, and also asked him for help. Her uncle told her about a work. He told that she will be paid 60,000 for the job. Her eyes lit up when she heard about the money because, she will be able to treat her mom, she can stop going to smitha’s house, and also she can use that money for her school needs. She asked her uncle about the job, and he said, you have to sign a contract for one year and you will be called any time for the job, and she will have to go to the office without any delay. She, without any objection, accepted all the conditions put in front of her. At that moment of time, asha felt something was going wrong. Her uncle slowly put his hand on asha’s shoulder. She yelled “What are you doing uncle?” , and he said “If you want to save your mom, be quiet”. She refused the act in the beginning, but the situation and her mom forced her into the act. She was brutally raped by her uncle, when her mom was sleeping in the next room.

The next day, her uncle came with the contract and the money he had promised to give Asha. She had a dirty look on her face when she saw him, and she was also very much irritated to allow him into the house. But, the situation and her mom’s problem had made her silent and she did not have the power to throw him off the house. He gave her the money and asked her to sign the contract. She signed it without a word, after that her uncle left the house.

Asha took her mom for Dialysis and when her mom asked about the source of money, she said “Uncle helped Ma”, her mom was very happy to hear this because, she did not know what really had happened to her daughter. Days passed and asha did not get any call from any one as told by her uncle. The next day, a guy called her and told her whom he was, and asked her to come to the Ram Nagar Bus Stop,in a churidar. She had no idea what was going on, she dressed up and went to the bus stop. A man was waiting in an Omni car and asked her to hop in. She refused to get into the car, only then she realized that she was pushed into prostitution by her uncle. She had no other go, but to get into the car because she had got the money from them. She was totally shocked because she was cheated by her uncle. Making her heart as stone and thinking of her mom, she got into her car. She has been doing this for the past one year, while some days her uncle would come to her house, not to see her mom but to have some pleasure full moment with his sister’s daughter. Asha did not have any other go, she was forced into such an act and did not have any power to fight against the crime. She had to do it for her mom.


There are lots of women in this world, who are being cheated like Asha was cheated. Their situation is also similar as Asha and they had no other way, but to accept the way it was put in front of them. Government should take severe steps to stop prostitution, and also help children like Asha who is compelled into the act and are being treated like slaves in the name of a contract. Government has to make a move very fast or many children like Asha will be in the hand of the brokers who sell girls to men. This will affect the girls mentally and physically, they will have a dirty image among the society. The people around them will not ask why or what was the reason for her to get into this business, they will treat them as someone, who has come in from another planet. When men seek pleasure in this manner, they are destroying the lives of the women who are supposed to live with respect among the society.


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