A friend with weed, is a friend indeed!


A person smokes cigarettes, everyone is fine. A person smokes weed, everybody loses their mind! Marijuana or weed is one of the most misinterpreted drugs. There are many myths regarding this plant, its use and abuse. I have seen people making ridiculous judgments regarding the act of smoking weed. This is why I say that partial knowledge is injurious to health! Poor herb; it has to go through such hardships in its life! There is nothing sadder than people having an absolutely wrong idea about you. I am in the process of changing this idea now. I misinterpreted the herb myself! And after a bit of research I realized, what a big fool I am!

Organic structure of tetrahydrocannabinol showing existence of hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxyl group

Organic structure of tetrahydrocannabinol showing existence of hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxyl group.









So, let us start with the basics. Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa), also known as Weed, Ganja, Pot, Hash, etc, is a plant which is used as a psychoactive drug and a medicine. Marijuana does not contain nicotine. Its medicinal value lies on THC or Tetrahydrocanabinol which is the main active ingredient of marijuana (a bronchial dilator). Once smoked, this THC produces a euphoria effect which is also known as getting “high”. The high comes on within minutes of smoking and then reaches a plateau lasting two hours or more. The overwhelming reason for smoking weed given by recreational users is simply “pleasure”. What pleasure? The pleasure of feeling relaxed, feeling happy, increased enjoyment in music and art, more appreciation of the surroundings, forgetting cares and worries, better imagination and visualization, laughter, talkativeness, increased creativity as well as more enjoyment of sexual activity and increased feeling of excitement.

If the plant has such positive effects, then why will the masses refrain from inhaling it? Okay, I know what you are thinking. You are worried about the negative effects of weed on the human body, is it not? Well! THC, as mentioned above, as a matter of fact happens to treat a wide range of various ailments such as Tourette syndrome (inherited neuropsychiatric disorder), appetite loss, weight loss, nausea, depression, HIV infection, migraines, asthma, back pain, hepatitis, sleeping disorders, spasticity (feature of altered skeletal muscle), headaches, alcoholism, etc. Bottom line is, there are barely any negative effects! The only negative effects, experienced by inexperienced users after large doses of smoked or oral marijuana are anxiety, paranoia, panic, depression, hallucination, illusions, depersonalization, temporary partial loss of memory, over sleeping, not getting things done, concentration difficulties, neglecting work, dizziness, etc.

Inexperienced smokers may undergo negative effects due to misunderstood techniques.

Inexperienced smokers may undergo negative effects due to misunderstood techniques.









Cannabis does not cause cancer. Do not keep such wrong ideas regarding the herb! If an individual ingests the plant orally or through a vaporizer, it would seem that the risk of any kind of cancer can be greatly reduced if not eliminated altogether. Cannabis does not cause any life threatening problems. Now you must be thinking as to why have you encountered people who have undergone negative effects due to inhaling marijuana. The answer is simple. The cause of people addicted to marijuana is because a large amount of people smoking cannabis combines it with tobacco. Statistics describing marijuana dependency may have been inflated, by the fact that it was nicotine in tobacco that people were being dependent on rather than actual cannabis itself – a pure case of adulteration. If nicotine is mixed in a good amount then it has negative effects such as fast or irregular heartbeat, fever with or without chills, headache, nausea, vomiting, runny nose. An overdose of nicotine may cause abdominal/stomach pain, cold sweat, confusion, convulsions, disturbed hearing or vision, extreme exhaustion, etc. Tobacco is the single greatest cause of preventable death globally.

Instead of weed, ban cigarettes.

Instead of weed, ban cigarettes.








It is wrong to say that marijuana is better than tobacco because both do not have a proper similar ground to be compared, I believe. Smokers report higher levels of everyday stress. Several studies have monitored feelings of stress overtime and found reduced stress after quitting. This might be interesting for you to know that scientific studies have shown that smoking is a predictor of divorce. Smokers have 53% chances of divorce than non-smokers. So all the married couples must watch out!

Marijuana smokers really don’t chain-smoke and so they smoke less. On the other hand, we have a large number of people smoking cigarettes who are chain smokers. So basically we come down to a few points. 1) Pure marijuana is harmless. 2) Negative effects are caused by mixing tobacco with marijuana. 3) Tobacco and marijuana are completely different substances having different effects. 4) Smoking weed is not injurious to health.

Now what bothers me is that, if cigarettes can be sold, even after knowing it’s life threatening effects, why is there such a fuss regarding marijuana being legalized when it’s completely fine to intake? Why are all the normal things banned in our country? This is completely due to the lack of awareness and the right education. Facts are being wrongly interpreted, which is why people widen their eyes in disbelief if they are offered to smoke weed and they say, “Sorry, I don’t do drugs.” The fact that it is called Lord Shiva’s “prasaad” finally makes some sense. So from the next time if a friend offers you weed over cigarettes, you would know that a friend with weed, is a friend indeed!

Marijuana is healthy. Tobacco kills.

Marijuana is healthy. Tobacco kills.

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  • Debasish Podder

    :) darun… ultimately find someone who has the same concept about weed, I also wanted to write about this same matter! jai hok, khub bhalo laglo lekha ta… all the people out there has a great misconception about Marijuana… and don’t know when it’ll be cleared from their mind. Jai Bholenath! :)

    • Disha Banerjee

      I really appreciate the fact that you like it and have the same thought! It’s really sad to see how people draw impractical conclusions regarding things they choose to be ignorant about. I hope you write something similar in order to break this myth. :) It’s good to come across people with the same, logical thought. Thank you! :)

      • Debasish Podder


  • Shiva Gupta

    Mee Too Appreciate, I think we should do something like advertising in favour of marijuana, and educate people through television about marijuana and make them aware. Anyways awesome research:])