FRIENDS- Just the Women

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Friends the sitcom that started in 1994 is still one of the best shows ever made in the history of television. This November it is going to be twenty years since the show began and it is still alive in the hearts of the people. Still people watch it and cry and laugh with the characters as their own. That show has become a legacy which is literally passed down generations now. The kids even today watch it. All the characters have now become a part of our lives and we love them as our own friends. The actors are now recognised not but their real names but the characters they played in the show.

This show actually showed women as strong and independent people. The women in the show are very confident and career driven and also very successful. The three main women protagonists of the show Monica, phoebe and Rachel have very different personalities and the show shows their journey through life. From starting a career to finding love to being very successful in their respective fields.

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Monica is a very confident woman who wants to be a chef. She is very responsible, organised and prefers things to be very neat and clean. Once could say that she has a compulsive clean disorder. Just the thought of something being dirty gives her bad dreams at night. She starts off working at a diner and as the show proceeds she gets to live her dream of being the head chef at a hotel. A place which she owns and can be in charge of. Cooking had always been her passion even as a kid. She had an easy bake oven as a kid and used to put up bake sales. That is when she realised she wanted to be a chef. She is a family oriented person who wants to get married and have kids and a nice happy little family with a cute house in the suburbs. She is very a very determined person and if she sets her mind to something more often than not she does it. She is popularly known for her catch phrase “I know”. She ends up marrying one of her best friends Chandler. And adopts two kids ( twins) and in the end gets all she ever wanted in life.


Rachel in the beginning is shown as a rich spoiled girl who has always lived off her father’s money and does not know what being independent means. Her first scene shows her rushing to meet Monica (they were best friends in high school, but lost touch after that) completely soaked in a wedding dress. She had ran away from her wedding realising at the last moment that she could not go through with it. After which she stars living with Monica and her friends, and learns to be independent and liver her own life and make her own decisions. She decides to make something of herself and to make her own way through life rather than taking money from her father. At first she is unable to do it but with the support of her friends she finally does. She has an impeccable sense in fashion and that is the industry where she ends up working. She starts off working as a waitress at their coffee house Central Perk and towards she works at Ralph Lauren. She dates Monica’s brother Ross in the beginning, after which the two of them date a lot of people. But they were always meant to be together and in the last episode they do get together last time finally forever.

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Phoebe is a unique character. Not like other people she has her own set of ideas and beliefs. She is very sensitive towards nature. She had to suffer the most among all of them. Her father left them when she was a kid and during her teens her mother committed suicide, leaving her and her identical twin Ursula to fend for themselves. These were the times where she lived on the streets with beggars and petty thieves and had a very hard time. She could barely make ends meet. By profession she is a masseuse. She works for a corporate chain she hates because they take away the jobs from the self independent workers. She also does a lot of odd jobs throughout the series to earn money. She has a guitar and loves to play music. Her songs like herself are quite different. One of her songs smelly cats is shown quite a lot of times during the series. All she ever wanted in life was to have a happy life with family, something she could never have. In the last season she meets this guy called Mike, and they fall for each other. He is also a musician and plays the piano. He is one guy who loves Phoebe with all his heart and can actually handle her quirks. She ends up marrying him outside Central Perk on a snowy evening with a very beautiful setting. She too ends up with family and hopes to have a normal life in the future.

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