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There were so many posts regarding the final episode of How I Met Your Mother. I remember logging in my Facebook account and seeing most of my friends putting up posts and updates regarding how disappointing the end was. Enough said about it. I happened to be in conversation with a friend of mine who brought up FRIENDS in the course of the discussion. She said, “FRIENDS has no comparison. It is one of a kind and makes me happy no matter how sad I am.” This was coupled with an earnest request to me to try and watch the episodes of FRIENDS. I did as I was advised.
Needless to say, FRIENDS had me hooked. Be it early in the morning, late night, cosy evenings, lazy afternoons, I was curled up with my laptop in the company of Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Rachael and Ross Geller. I could spend hours living a different life, with them. It was a different and happy world. Not to mention, funny. Tears-rolling-down-my-eyes funny, it was. After having spent 5 whole days watching the sitcom episodes back to back I complained of a back-ache, but was glad due to my happy heart. With coffee, pillow and FRIENDS, I am sorted.
Why I love FRIENDS?
It is charming, humorous, and witty and puts a huge smile on my face. The characters come alive. One would have a hard time not thinking that the stars who play the roles would be different in their real lives. It is so real at times that as the episodes engulfs me in; I begin to believe that it unfolds around me, instead of being on screen. FRIENDS delight me and make me want to watch more. Each episode is half an hour of utter joy and immense fun. FRIENFDS is tantamount to a great time spent being joyous. My mother says, anything that makes you smile from ear-to-ear, should be cherished. I love watching FRIENDS and I speak for many others in saying that FRIENDS is a peerless sitcom in a world where the television is crammed with a bunch of such funny series. My friend was right and after every episode; my fingers can’t stop but to start watching the immediately succeeding one.
Be it the control-freak Monica, confused Rachael, weird Phoebe, funny Chandler, naïve Joey, and Ross the Doctor, I love them all. FRIENDS they are, and yet they are so different. It is indeed difficult to pick and choose my favourite FRIENDS moments. From going out to the shared hall for private talks, Monica cleaning her apartment, Rachael falling for Joey and not letting Ross date, Ross being in love with his Dinosaur toys and joey eating 2 pizzas on Friday night, Phoebe being a hippie and singing Smelly Cat, and lastly, Chandler making funny faces and breaking out with sarcastic jokes, FRIENDS is a treat to blissful existence. Not to mention I can often relate to some of the habits that the characters possess. At times, I figure out similarities between them and my real life friends. Monica’s competitiveness, Chandler’s sardonic yet friendly nature, Rachael’s tendency to return gifts, Joey’s cluelessness, Phoebe being a hippie and Ross being a doctor who gets divorced adds an edge to the show. After having watched the 9th season, it seems to me that I already know them. Monica forcefully cleaning the residence of an unknown person, yet having a messed up closet, Rachael having a baby with Ross and being a caring mother, Phoebe being herself and not loving fur, Joey introducing himself as Dr.Drake Ramoray and being attached to a stuffed soft toy penguin named Hugsie, Chandler treating Joey like a kid and Ross being married thrice and divorced thrice made me develop an attachment with them. It is almost as if I am a part of their lives. It seems to me that they spend almost half of their days at Central Perk. The café with Gunther, Phoebe’s songs and the muffins is heart-warming.
I am left with the 10th season. After which I shall gladly re-watch them, time and again. FRIENDS will never get boring and though I am tad dissolution that my favourite sitcom is coming to an end, I am glad that I know them better. The sitcom is a recipe for joy, and it fills me with joy to see them pull each other’s leg, support each other, and love each other. The sofa is incredibly important to the show and it continues to impress upon us the ideals of friendship and love. The strong bonds of friendship, love, trust are strengthened. Who would not want to have such friends who stand by in times of need, sadness, joy and help share and care for each other.

The characters and their individualistic foibles are cherished by one and all. Some moments are so funny; it amazes me and makes me burst out with laughter. The sitcom has become an integral part of my life and I keep hoping that I could have more of this splendid series. If you have not watched FRIENDS already, it is never too late to begin. I hope the FRIENDS befriend you too =)

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