The Furtherance of ‘Aww’ Culture

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It’s quite astonishing to hear that a exclamation which doesn’t even have a locale in the dictionary is so frequently used today, among the million others, who are though being present are envy of this ‘not real but popular’ Pity . How frequently you use ‘aww’ in your vocabulary is quite a bombshell to know. Aww is a symbol of various elucidations, interpretation basically depends on the situation you are in, and the dimensions of this exclamation are broad which range from simple enchanting ones to complex inconsolable situations. There is no historic evidence of when, where and who first raised this word but it’s not hoary for sure.

‘Aww’ is an exclamation of pity, or appreciation for cuteness or sweetness. Though man and women both constantly use this word in their conveyances, the better half is the population is its pivotal user; the evidences are not hard to get. The use of this word is not gender neutral, there are various factors like the localities, literacy, standard of living, vagueness, presence of fanciful folks are some of the factors which are highly correlated with the probability of including this in your communications, both extra-personal and intra-personal. To understand the exact meaning of this exclamation is a pretty tough nut to crack, it depends on what’s being said, what situation you’re in, and another exclamation or pity for a feeling of cuteness or sadness. When she said “awww ok” that “awww” means sadness, and disappointing one. When she said “awww thank you” that meant that she was happy and thought what you did was cute. Some girls only only say awww when someone is being very sweet or when something is incredibly adorable. You were being very sweet to that girl and she melted so she said awww.

The ‘aww’ moments!

A Girl is expected to say if anytime irrespective of the locale and the milieu, but few moments are considered to be the most provoking one, if a girl encounter these situation, she is most expected to say the ‘magic word’:

(1)     Puppies and kitties anything and everything is a very potential ‘aww’ provoker, puppy wagging its tail, puppy playing with another puppy, puppy looking out of a window, running, eating, bathing even peeing is a evinced ‘aww’ moment.

(2)    Any Newborn’s fuss, whether drinking, winking, glancing, gazing, nose running are among the most common ‘aww’ moments.



How to provoke a girl to say ‘aww’


(1)   Make her feel special. Like, make her laugh, and then compliment her. Keep it clean, though, or it’ll make her get nervous and maybe a bit freaked out. But, say things like you’re beautiful, miraculous, pretty and gorgeous or I’m lucky to have you. Those are some of the best ones.

(2)   Baby pictures, baby stories, small animals, romantic ideas, sweet messages, sweet stories, vulnerable male emotions from a commonly strong guy. They all work perfectly.

(3)   Try to be funny, but do not crack perverted jokes. They like jokes that are just truly funny. To make them say ‘aww’ is when you open the door for them, take them out on a really nice dinner, say you look absolutely gorgeous tonight and tell her a baby story.



Let’s have a look at the factors which affects its usage:

(A)   Gender

Boys are not the ‘severely affected’ genre; inoculation has terribly affected the female half and it’s now a vital part of most of the contemporary Indian girl’s prattles and jibber-jabbers. The word is used both as a suffix or a prefix in a sentence, the word is very famous among girls of all ages: from tots to damsels.

(B)   Locality

It’s pretty obvious that metropolitans are more frequently using this word than any other localities; girls living in apartments, having a lavish life and keeping an I-phone are among the most potential user of this hysterical word.

(C)   Profession

Office going troopers are highly susceptible to blend in this grapheme, as a part of their normal but informal communications, Such people are usually possess a so called ‘high- status’ of life and pretend in a way that they’ve never been to situations in life, For instance, a working lady, driving a car with a guy car suddenly stops in the middle of a road, why? Because she saw a puppy playing with another one of its kind! She came out and there flows the magic words “awww that’s so sweet”, the guy friend looks in a way like either he is another words or the lady? What’s so special in this? Did she never saw a puppy playing on road? She might be a rich one, one of those kinds who never step out of their villas; we all know the authenticity of the playlet though.

(D)   Standard of living

People who appraise themselves as ‘cool’ often use such words, for them, it’s the articulation of their coolness!

(E)    The ‘aww’ joke:

Few things can never be cured, and so do few people, I am ending this article with a vacuous jest, hope that correlate with the current issue of concern:

Boy: Can you stop doing “Awww…”All the time?
Girl: Awww…. What happen?
Boy: it annoys me…!
Girl: Awwww… I am so sorry.
Boy: It’s ok. You are a sweetheart.
Girl: Awww….. I know!
Boy: Get lost bye.
Girl: Awww…. you angry on me, baby?
Boy: Whatever!
Girl: Aww…. You look so cute when angry.
Boy: <pulls out the gun> <shoots himself>
She: Awww…. You’re dead!

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