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Delhi University is first ranked among the Indian universities and every student aspires to be a part of it .Last year this university made certain changes in its course structure, technique and duration, well I am among the first batch who experienced those changes rather among the first who were baring these changes.
The graduation programme turned into a Four Year Undergraduate Programme-better known as the FYUP, another year for being a graduate. My aspiration to join DU was shaken by this yet not till the core. As for the change in the course structure was addition of FC’s-the foundation courses. The few that I have experienced seemed absurd to me (and not just to me but even to my teachers) ,the reason that the authorities give behind the FC’s was that “the education should be all-round, students should have basic knowledge of different fields so as to succeed in life ”The concept of all-round education is not bad, rather I consider the structure to be really good but the course we are being taught, the syllabus we have to study and the techniques that are being used, spoils the whole framework. We are made to study the basic elementary things we have learnt in primary classes (I had to make a project on prime numbers in my first semester), so it is like ‘jack of all trades and master of none’.
In the FC’s 55 marks are assigned internally, the idea of practicality in studies is a good,there is no doubt about it, but the increased workload is tiring. We have to make a project, present a presentation and participate in a GD. All this multiplied by four because that was the work for one FC and we have four in our kitty.one thing that remains unchanged are the DC’s, but mind they are just unchanged not unaffected-having tons of workload for fc’s drains us, that leaves us with no time for the main subject.
During the last year i felt like being the laboratory rabbits, on whom new experiments are tested, because here our scientist (the administration), the laboratory assistants (the teachers) all are super confused. The administration have had many so called ‘interactive’ sessions with students and teachers but everything was for vain, because for every question, every problem, every complain was one standard answer-it takes time to accept change but this will prove to be for betterment in future and you students will realize it later.

Maybe they are right, maybe, but for now I stand against it.Another thing is very annoying not only at my end but most students would agree with me.DU introduced BMS as a course last year and its entrance exam was quite tough(i know because i gave it and couldn’t clear it),so the current interested batch went for coaching to be able to crack the entrance and get their course,they had been taking coaching from class 12th itself.Well their ambition and hard work has been dumped.Yes exactly because suddenly the great brains at the university decide to abort the entrance process and have interviews.The money the students spent,the time and hard work they devoted is all wasted.

Introducing new things, upgrading standards isn’t bad , in fact new ideologies and change is required but at what cost.Just to try a new method, career of thousands of students cannot be risked.The faculty isn’t trained according to the new course,rather they are not familiar with what is happening. The students are confused and scared as what is at stake is their lives and education.Getting inspired (copying!!) from foreign universities isn’t the way to match up to standards or to create new.Proper technique is required to do this, a well-planned mechanism.I surely don’t know what that mechanism is,but one thing that i know is that this one isn’t the right one

One year extra!!this might not seem like a great deal to them but for us it means a hell lot.They have compensated us with two thing.First the free laptops they have given to us,it would be better if we don’t talk about them,the hardware is excellent, no doubt about it,but the system is loaded with problems,so i feel the first compensation went down the drain.the second lolly-pop that is there to cheer us up is the tentative news of the reduced duration of the masters programme.That seems like a good compensation?doesn’t it?well it may seem nice for those who can make it there,getting a seat for masters in DU is damn tough because of the ratio of seats in graduation and post graduation is drastically low.so the one year compensation will be recievd by a few and the rest would have spend another 2 years for their masters.

The cons of this FYUP are much more than the pros ,but the loss is already done,so what we can do is crib about it ,cry about it,worry about it and if you feel like then protest about it(trust me this will get you nowhere-tried and wasted idea).

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