Gandhari – Her Sacrifices and Mistakes

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Mahabharath is a great epic which teaches us about life and how we should not go in the wrong path. I would like to show case about one of the important character in this great epic- Ghandhari mother of the kauravas and wife of the king Dhiridhirastra. Simply to say she was the queen of Hasthinapur.

Gandhari was the princess of Ghandhar and was brought up as a very happy girl. She is a girl of beauty and her parents will be too affectionate towards her. Especially her brother   Saguni who had a vital role in Mahabharath. From her childhood princess Ghandhari was afraid of darkness. So her room will always be filled with lamps. Her brother Saguni was too affectionate towards her. Once he even went in search of light bees though the path is dangerous. Such was her happiness with her family. Ghandhari was a great devotee to lord Shiva. Seeing her strong faith and devotion, lord Shiva blessed her that she will have a boon of 100 strong sons.

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So things were going peacefully till her marriage. On the other hand Hasthinapur was in the verge of making Dhirudhirastran as the king. He was a brave warrior. The only drawback of him was he was physically challenged. Though he sight was lost, he was an intelligent man. So in order to become as the king, he has to be married. So Bheeshmar, the great son of Matha Ganga comes with a big army to Ghandhar. Compared to Hasthinapur, Ghandhar was a pretty small territory. In the beginning her parents were not happy to get their daughter married to him since he was blind and their daughter’s life will get ruined. But on the other hand they were also frightened by the huge army which will fight with them if they did not agree to this marriage as per the words of Beeshmar. So for the welfare of the people of his small territory, they agreed. Saguni was in no way happy with this thought and begged his sister to disagree but she was stubborn in her decision and was ready to sacrifice for the people’s sake.

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Thus started her sacrifice . Since her husband is not able to see, she blindfolded herself. As they say, to be with you in joy and sad. Ghandhari followed the same. A woman who is afraid of darkness from her childhood now has taken a decision to see only the darkness for the rest of her life which is a pure sacrifice for her husband. Initially Dhiridhirastran was angry on her deeds later understood her. Saguni who was very angry on seeing his sister to be filled with sadness takes up a pledge to destroy the whole of Chandravanshi clan and he was determined to do it. So in order to fulfil his pledge he stayed at Hasthinapur itself. After few years Ghandhari was pregnant but to add sorrow to her, she gave birth to something which is not a baby. All were shocked by it. But with the help of saints they split it into 100 equal portions and with the help of god’s blessings and prayers, hundred sons were born thus comes true of Mahadev’s boon. But the saints told that the first son of the hundred will be the reason to destroy not only the whole kingdom but will bring bad to the whole universe. But the heart of mother will never allow to kill her own son and he was named as Dhuriyodhan.  From his childhood he grew as an arrogant boy and will never lend his ears to anyone’s words except his uncle Saguni. Saguni from the beginning taught him the path of non-righteousness and inculcated bad thoughts and actions to be performed. He made one thing clear that the Pandavas were their enemies and he will not live happily unless they were killed. So they tried many ways to get rid of them and even kill them. But Gandhari though she knows that he brother is teaching him to lead in the wrong path failed to stop him and make her son realise what is good and what is bad. So her sons grew as monsters and hindrance to everyone. The king too was not able to stop his actions as he was too affectionate towards him. They evil actions went to the core by insulting the great woman Draupadi in front of everyone and sent them 13 years to live in forest. After that too they failed to give back their kingdom and thus the great Mahabharath began. We always know that truth never dies. Though the people who follow the path of truth face many difficult situations, in the end truth will ever win. This is the universal truth. As said the Pandavas will win in the war and Ghandhari’s hundred sons will get killed during the war, a punishment for their evil acts. Lord Krishna truly said, Ghandhari should seek forgiveness from her sons for not teaching them the true path. Though she knows that her brother is misleading, she was not capable of stopping it.

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She was a good wife by sacrificing her life by blindfolding her eyes. But she was never a good mother to her sons. A mother is the one who will lead her children in the correct path. If the mother fails to do her responsibility in a proper way then this will be the situation to everyone.

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