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“I don’t believe anyone begins a homosexual. They begin the way god made them: Male and Female. If they choose to be bisexual or homosexual, they have the ability to do it”, says Reverend Jerry Falwell, founder and leader of The Thomas Road Baptist Church. When told that “in every country, in every civilization, and in every religion, you’ll also find homosexuality”, he replied, “No question about it. And you’ll also find bank robbers, drug addicts and alcoholics.” Yes, I know what you might be thinking; the comparison he has made isn’t it?

Reverend Jerry Falwell











They say that homosexuality is a choice; that it is not something you are born with. They take the aid of the Bible. And what does the Bible say? “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death; their blood is upon them” (Leviticus 20:13). But again, the Bible also says, “There is only one law giver and judge who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?” (James 4:12) and “For you formed my inborn parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13). Talk about hypocrisy! This gives me a feeling that the Bible was written by a bunch of confused people. And they say your sexual fantasies confuse you?

“Possessed by demons” is just one of the ways that anti-LGBT protesters tell gay people that they are pure evil.













They look at you with an eye filled with disgust, and say you are degrading the Indian culture; that it is something new that the youth have come up with under the influence of other cultures? Very well then! Supposedly they have not had a good tour around the country and have not visited most of the celebrated manifestations of Indian architecture which includes the Konark temple, also known as the sun temple, of Orissa and Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh, which bear prominent carvings of sexual acts between the same genders. They couldn’t have been carved by some random, “uncultured” youngsters of today, could they? Or is it not enough proof that homosexuality has been a part of the Indian culture since ancient times? They still can call it a mental illness that has prevailed since long now. Okay.

Carvings on the walls of Konark Temple (Orissa) depicting kama.










Both males and females have testosterone and estrogen secretions in their bodies. For males, it is testosterone dominant, with very little amount of estrogen and for the female, it is the opposite. Testosterone and estrogen are responsible for secondary sexual characteristics. The secretion of these hormones is controlled by the hypothalamus, the centre which controls sexual behavioral factors. Now, if the hypothalamus malfunctions in secreting the activating signals for testosterone and estrogen, then secondary sexual characteristics undergo alterations. So, there is more estrogen secretion in males, as a result of which some female features are exhibited by them like shrill voice, hand gestures, etc. For some, their external demeanor remains manly, but they are attracted towards males. The opposite happens in case of females. Phew! Now that was easily explained, in comparison to the complex biology behind homosexuality! And they say it’s a choice; that it depends upon your family upbringing and morals. We would want to see how they can explain their theory in case of animal homosexuality. I can almost picture them saying, “Well, animals don’t have families. They have no morals or a culture. Hence, they do not find the need to control their sexual fantasies!” Well, I see you smirk!

Indian gay rights activist holds up a placard during a protest in New Delhi after the criminalization of homosexuality.

Indian gay rights activist holds up a placard during a protest in New Delhi after the criminalization of homosexuality.








It’s an irony how transgenders have been accepted well in the society, being accepted as a third gender in the country. Even their existence could have been ridiculed, isn’t it? But it’s seen that people crave for their blessings, which is believed to work wonders. If they can be accepted then why not homosexuals?

So, if they still wish to abide by their belief, which I believe is pretty ridiculous, they are nothing more than a heap of uneducated and unaware people who unnecessarily take pride in their educational degree. They, who judge you, are in the unnecessary attempt to prove their outlook correct. And I say to them, it’s none of your business; you being affected by other people’s sexuality is more or less similar to you being effected when you see another person having a burger while you enjoy your Chinese cuisine! More of today’s youth support the concept of homosexuality than the elders of our society. Don’t be fooled thinking that they are elders, so they know more. Well, if you see it that way, then elders do not understand technology that well as the youth does. And that can be only explained by the fact that they are less aware, less educated.

Being a homosexual is not a crime.

Being a homosexual is not a crime.








Being a homosexual is NOT a crime. There is no need for you to hide. You are made that way, well; each one of you is a star dust. Who was Michelangelo? Who was Leonardo da Vinci? The answer will not be that each one of them was gay, even after the fact that they were gay, for real. The answer will lie on their contributions to this world. Your sexual orientation does not define what you are capable of. You are blessed, however you are. You are sexy, and you should know it.

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