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The women’s rights are not to be prohibited. Why should we prohibit women’s right alone? And why should men enjoy all the rights? Everyone have their own rights, and it should not be taken away from them. There are lot of law’s which states that women should have their own right and anyone who acts against this law will be punished.

Discrimination is the main factor that is not allowing women to come up in their life. If everyone is equal in front of law, then why not in the society. If a law gives unequal protection based on the sex, then it is a violation of the Universal Declaration. In real life women and girls continue to suffer from gender discrimination.


Here are some of the factors which help Gender Discrimination to continue

Marriage; In India, girls are not allowed to choose the husband of their choice. They would be punished if they do so. Girls will have to accept the man whom she sees for the first time even without knowing him. In many religions, arranged marriages and forced marriages are prevailing. This will mostly lead to sexual abuse. Women are not given equal right to taken their own decisions, and their priority in the family is very low when considering the men in the family.

During work, in many countries, women are not getting payment as much as men get. There is discrimination in work also; women are not considered in working. They are only for household works and for other pleasures. They are not allowed to speak out and face a lot of problems while working and the reason for this is Discrimination.


In Education; in many rural cities, girls are not allowed to go to schools. The report says that the number of girls who go to school in rural area is very lower when compared to urban areas. They are told to do housekeeping and are forced to stay at home, this will affect the girl mentally, and this will affect her later life, as she won’t be able to work in a standard job and will have no power in the society.

Abuse, girls have very attractive bodies than men do, but the unlucky part is that she does not have the muscles that men have. And so, she becoming victim of rape. She won’t be able to react and the amount of rape is also increasing. She is a victim, not only of rape but also to eve teasing, force labouring, and sexual abuse.


Culture, the main cause of the factors that were mentioned above is because of the culture and caste. This is practised from the ancient times. The female sex is not given enough freedom when compared to male sex. They are always said sit inside the house and take care of the children and the family.

In many countries, when a male child is born, it a matter to party. While the birth of female child is considered as unlucky. In India female infanticide is prevailing, when a female child is born, they sacrifice the child and continue this till they get a male child. This is done because of the dowry system; this is the reason of ratio difference between men and women. In India, the male count is very much more than the female sex. The girl, after marriage has to take in a lot of money into the husband’s family and also she will become a financial burden to the family.

When a girl child is born, they do not consider the child, and those children are killed even before they reach their adulthood. This will hurt them mentally and creates a feeling of low esteem in their minds, which will make it very difficult for them to come out of the situation and fight against it. Women did not have the right to divorce her husband who is abusing her, beating her, because of the family laws. When the woman raises voice against these crimes, she will not be allowed to live happily because when such matters go out of the four walls of their house, it will affect their family’s prestige and pride. So, the families will hurt her, and take their revenge and punish them as much as they can.


The reason for all the causes mentioned above was because of education. When the woman is educated, she will have the voice to handle all the problems which is put in front of her. She will not face any problem in her life. When the woman is well educated, her husband’s family will not have the courage to hurt her or raise voices against her because she has a job in her hand and will be able to stand in her own leg.


According to the Canadian development agency’s census,

About 50% of the world’s 35 million workers are women and children. In 110 million of the world’s children, 23 million of girls are not educated. This census should take a change and all the girls without considering discrimination, should be educated and allowed to do the work of their own.

This discrimination and inferiority against women should be washed away completely, only then they will be able to get the actual freedom that they really deserve and can stop getting scared for each and every small reason.


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