When are you getting Married?

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You must have come across these questions a lot of time if you are a damsel or have just finished your studies or settled at your job. You must be falling in the category of “it’s time to get married, girl”.

Anita, who was 25 years old, had just finished her M.B.A, and was searching for jobs. She was an ambitious girl. It happened that one sunday day her neighbor kapoor aunty had a visit at her place. She was having a check on her mails, her mother was cutting the vegetables, and her dad was reading newspaper. Aunty and Anita’s mother were talking among themselves, when kapoor aunty saw Anita, and asked her “Anita, now that you have finished your studies, why don’t you learn cooking from your mom? Sitting like this empty and doing nothing won’t help you. You won’t get marriage proposals. It’s your age now to get married. And you should know cooking. My Pammi know to cook so well, that I don’t need to enter the kitchen.”

To this Anita replied “dear aunty, your Pammi is just a graduate, and I am an M.B.A. and now I am searching for jobs, so I am not ready to get married any soon. And about cooking, well I know that pretty little, but slowly ill learn. And if your Pammi, is soo good at cooking, why is she at your place since a month or two? Her in laws may not know the good taste I suppose?

Seema, a 23 year of age, completing her graduation, comes from a conservative family. She wanted to be an independent girl. But here her family wanted their child to get married and settle. Her mother used to take her forcefully to every marriage events and other family and friends parties so that people may know that she is at the age to get married and so the proposals will come momentarily.

Isn’t it sometimes irritating, when all the mother of single boy, relatives and the gossip aunties visiting your house and ask you various questions related to marriage? You get frustrated and you want to run away from their questions, but the eyes of your parents don’t let you do that.

It happens in every other typical Indian house, when a girl reaches her 20s the mother and family start thinking about the girl’s marriage, leaving the girl itself. The time has changed. Its history that child marriage used to happen or I should say still happen somewhere in the corner of our country, but still I think the decision of when to marry and whom to marry should be left on the individuals itself.

Are we girls are like real burden, that we are forcefully pushed towards the marriage concept, and then with all the emotional drama and dialogues, they win over our mind. What will the people in the society say? What will be our respect?, who will marry you if you are linked to bad boys or names, if your name is spoiled? And the list goes on.

That’s it what we are born for? To born in a family, live there for some years, and then wave a goodbye. Then ask to settle in a family, to name their names as ours, take care of them. Why boys are never asked do you know to cook? Can you name our surname as yours? Can you take care of girls parents?

And if the answer is that boys are asked how much salary do you get? What is the percentage in your report cards, then I must tell you that women do earn as much as men earn and the same trauma is suffered as much as the boys do during the exams and results days. So don’t give that shit to us. It’s not acceptable at all. Boys are allowed to get married whenever they want but girls should get married between the age of 25 and 30 and should also give a birth to a child between that age or else, there will create a problem.

Aishwariya rai and many other bollywood and Hollywood actress are best example for getting married late at 30s and still having a better life with their children born when they wanted to. It’s just the typical Indian mentality but yes somewhere it is right to get married soon. In today’s age, and world which girl does not want to be independent?

A woman run her house, checks every bill of the house, takes care of family, husband, children, and office and keep doing the chores. She never complains, she just sometimes needs her space in life. Since ancient years a women is looked upon as an all rounder of house, but there are who even run the country and still takes care of her house.

Sometimes it happens that woman forget herself itself while running behind her responsibilities towards her family, work, society etc. there are hobbies that every women like to indulge in, but they find no time for it.  It is so surprising that no one pay heed to what she lost, and left behind after marriage, but before her marriage pay so much attention to what she say do and wear so that her slightest mistake can give you a topic to gossip and spoil her name in the society just because she is living her dreams, wearing what she likes to, speaking her thoughts out?

Think about it from her point of view and let her live her life on her own conditions, and let her live her dreams and aspirations which she can make it come true. Every woman deserves to be what she wants to be, and how she wants to lead her life.

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