The Girl Who Dared

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This is about a girl of seventeen years old, who escaped from the hands of sadistic rapist. It was a lucky escape by the girl, who was caught by the offender, when she was coming back from the school. The girl had the courage and guts to face the offender and come out of the place. She was frightened a lot as soon as she came out of the house, but when time passed she was normal.

It was a busy morning as usual, and the routine continued. Ayesha had to get up early with her mother’s alarm, which goes like ‘Ayesha, get up its 6, Ayesha get up its 6’10 ‘. After getting up, she was pushed into the rest room by her mama. After all her work, she came to the dining room to have her breakfast. After her breakfast, she left for school. She had a slow day in school, History classes, the commerce teacher comes in as usual and starts with her classes. She was bored. Somehow the classes got over, in the evening, she walked home with her friend rather than going in school van.

They were giggling, talking about what had happened on that day. Her friend’s house came first and Ayesha had to walk alone for about a kilometer. It was just 5 o clock in the evening. She had walked half the distance to her house, at that time she heard a man calling from behind. Ayesha was a broad minded girl, and would help everyone in her neighborhood and in her school. She readily turned back and asked the man, what he wanted. To her dismay, the guy pounced on her and chloroformed her. She was dragged into his car and taken to a remote place. The guy did not do her anything, but he had the intensions for rape.

The problem with Sadistic rapist is that, they will not rape a woman for their sexual pleasure. They will get the pleasure when they hurt the girl and torture her with some weapons. He would become happy when he injures the sexual parts of the woman. He was such kind of a man. He did not want to rape her when she was unconscious, he wanted her to get her consciousness and the slowly hurt her and then rape her, and the main part of these type of rapist are that they do all these activities alone and they have their own way of committing the rape. Ayesha was not unaware of what had happened to her. Ayesha was given the antidote of chloroform after 2 hours. She woke up, unaware of the situation. She was frightened to find her in a place where she has not been before. The man was asking Ayesha about her school, family. He also asked her about sex. Ayesha was totally in distress and she did not know what to do. She had a psycho in front of her, who was behaving abnormal. The offender got up from his chair and the moved towards Ayesha, she was sitting in the bed. The psycho took a knife and cut her thighs, while Ayesha was not able to anything because her hands were tied to her back. She screamed as loud as she can, but the outcome was that, two of her teeth were pulled out without any medication. She was also threatened that, if she dared to shout again, her tongue would be also pulled out. She was bleeding in her thigh and from her mouth. She was left alone for some time, and the rapist left the room. She became unconscious because of the pain. After some time he came back and sat over Ayesha. There was something waiting for him from Ayesha. Ayesha had waked up before some time and had untied her knot.

She had the knife in her hand, and she was pretending as if she was unconscious and her hands were tied behind. When the psycho sat over her, to rape her brutally, she quickly turned him down and then stabbed him on his stomach. She was not able to run, because her legs were sore. She tried to open the door, but the key was with the offender. She had to go back to him, and take the key. He was not dead yet, he was only half dead and was bleeding. She went towards him and tried to take the key, but was not able to take the key. She hit him with the iron rod which was on the corner of the room. The psycho became unconscious, Ayesha took the key and opened the door and came out of the house. She was in distress, she was not able to think of her own. By the time, a police case was filed by her parents. The police was also on search of the child. She did not know the place and did not know how to go out. It was a dense area, surrounded by trees. She then got into the car and the followed the path, which lead to a road. She did not know how to go out, or which way to go. Assuming her own direction, she steered the car, and reached a place where she has not been before. She then ran into a police station, and informed them what had happened to her. She was taken to the nearest hospital and then her parents were also informed about their daughter. She was later taken to a private hospital, where she was checked for rape, which came negative. The Psycho was arrested and later in investigation he said that he had killed five more girls and buried them behind his house. The bodies of the girls were later taken from the backyard.

Ayesha had timely response, she knew how to react in such situation. She was in distress, but she had the courage to face the situation, rather than becoming a victim to the situation. She acted wisely by going to the police station and informing them. Girls have the power to face the situation, they have the courage inside of them but that can be brought out only by them. It is how they act according to the situation.

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