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Pooja is a pretty beautiful and studious young woman of age 21. Right from her childhood she was brought up as a well behaved child with ethics and morals. And she too lived with that. Pooja used to study very well and passed her 10th common exams and 12th public examinations with flying colours.



This helped her to get into the college she longed for. In her college too she was a obedient student and proved her talents in all fields she stepped into. This created a good impression on her college professors and among the students also. She maintained a good relationship with her fellow mates. And from the beginning she was not much involved with boys. But this incident made her life to turn upside down which made my anger to rise up. We have heard that many teenager’s lives are spoiled mainly because of using mobile phones for long time. Many will be lead into wrong paths due to this. At first they don’t know the effects but will suffer in the end. Parents will be lead into a state of embarrassment and difficulty because of their children. This incident too is similar to the one which I have portrayed above.

Her life was filled with happiness and success until………..

One fine day while she was preparing for her seminar, a message arrived in her mobile phone. Pooja eagerly picked up her mobile wishing it was her friend whom she has asked to convey about a doubt she had regarding her seminar. But unfortunately, it was not her friend. Instead it was a romantic forward message from an unknown person. She was annoyed to the maximum that she deleted that message and carried on with her works.

Next morning, Pooja was freshly preparing and was having a mock seminar session to improve her slight mistakes. Again at that time, she got a very romantic forward message from the same unknown person. With damn anger and annoy she deleted it and went to have her breakfast with her parents. She was their only daughter that the care and nurture was beyond expectation. Getting blessings from their parents, she reached the college and had a successful seminar session. Everyone gathered there appreciated her performance. That after noon she was having lunch with her friends and was enjoying the chit chat. Again the message tone beeped and her anger grew to the peek to find the same unknown person with a love message.

This continued thrice in a day, that is one romantic message in the morning, noon and in the night. Slowly after two to three days she wished for the time for message to arrive. As soon as the message tone beeped, she would hurry expecting it from that unknown person and will be filled with disappointment if it was from anyone of her friends. In this way her life started to change in reverse direction. At times if at all he did not send the message for a day, she will be in the extent to go mad. She started to chat with him, have a long time chat thorough mobile. Call him and started to spend most of the time for him rather than studies. This reflected in her studies resulting in two arrears on her semester examination results. She started to be away from family and friends. Very rarely once or twice he had met her in person but that too only for a very small duration. Her parents grew restless. She had fallen in love with that guy that she had disclosed it to her parents after asking it for several times.

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Their parents wished good life for her daughter that his father was ready to get her married to him if at all he is satisfied that he is a good guy. So he started to know about that guy and he collected information from various sources. To their disappointment, a  strange and sad news has come to their ears. It was that the guy was already married and has a daughter of age 2 too. Pooja was just shocked to the core that she became immobilized for few minutes. His father was unable to see his daughter in that state so he directly went to that guy and asked him the reason behind it. His answer made him to go to hell.

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He just being in a cool manner told that he had huge pressure and tension due to office works so in order to relax for sometime , he had used her number and started sending messages to her. And now his office tensions have been over to the maximum so he has stopped having contact with her. He never apologised or felt bad about his cruel behaviour. Such a self-centred guy. After hearing the real intention of him, she became literally dead. She has spoiled her life just for a fake guy.

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Are  girls a playing toy to use it whenever they wish and throw them away after that?? Wake up girls. We should never get caught into such evil persons. This incident has come out. But many such incidents are still going on in many people’s life. We need to realise the truth and should not fall for evil persons at any point in our life.

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