A Girl wants boyfriend like Ross Geller and wants husband like Chandler Bing

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For those who don’t know who are these people for them a quick review, Ross Geller and Chandler Bing are the fictional characters of sitcom show F.R.I.E.N.D.S which was telecasted way back in 1990’s. This was the popular television show as its theme was friends and the bonding between them with the touch of comedy. Ross Geller was Paleontologist while Chandler Bing was Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration and later turned as junior advertising copywriter. Ross Geller is a tall handsome young man with some irritating habits, he usually fall for girls and always try to find his soul mate in each and every girl he dates. He got married twice before he settled with his high school crush Rachel Greene. On the other hand Chandler only got to date two girls before he settles down with Monica Geller.

When come to relationship Ross is very romantic and sometimes behaves like a child. He is possessive about his girl friend and always his posessivness leads to fight sometimes in break up too. He lost his high school crush Rachel just because of his posesivness, girls in today’s scenario like boys that are possessive about them, initially they take this thing as a care but in long run this may prove to be fatal. Ross, when comes to relationship behaves like a child sometimes he is stubborn too and never settle down to what other agrees. If a girl is dating someone and he is stubborn initially she will accept it as it is just the start but if come to marriage mutual understanding should be must. If a guy is stubborn and always wants to fulfill his desire and if often discard others decision than beware that guy isn’t fit for marriage. Ross has good points too, he is damn romantic and often comes with innovative ideas for date and often tries his best to keep his partner happy. What else the girl needs while she is dating someone a person should be romantic and should always keep her happy. He even well behaved with his ex wife who turned lesbian after eight year of marriage this shows his capability to maintain relation after the break up too.


Ross is very good as a friend; what if things didn’t work out as planned he will be always there for you in the time of need. Even when he broke up with Rachel, he helped her to the hospital and stayed with her all night leaving his show on Discovery channel. He is a good boyfriend and a very good friend. As it is said everything comes with the baggage Ross also has his own baggage of insecurities, stubborn nature and childish behavior these three drawbacks doesn’t make him perfect for husband. A girl might fall in love with Ross but will think thrice to marry him.

On the other hand Chandler is fun loving person; he is the king of sarcasm and a kind by heart. He cares for his friends so much; he takes care of his roommate cum best friend Joey’s care very much. He swallows all his dumb talks, stupid activities and irritating habits. But he loves him so much that he fulfills all his desires secretly. He experienced on and off relationship with his girl friend Janice. He is so kind by heart that he couldn’t break up with her once after his repeated trials. He then started fooling around Monica Geller, Ross’s younger sister.chandler

Initially they weren’t serious with the passing of time they started secret relationship but this thing ended soon and everyone got to know about their relation. Chandler is very mature person when it comes to relationship, he understands everything very well. He doesn’t care of insecurities and was always by Monica’s side ever since beginning while they weren’t dating. Chandler is often misunderstood as he has a habit of passing comments so nobody takes him seriously but when he revealed his other side everyone was stunned. Chandler understood when he asked Monica to stay back in Manhattan he moved to other city for work. He got transferred in other city, Monica decided to leave with him for the city meanwhile she got her dream offer and understanding the situation Chandler asked Monica to live in New York instead of coming with him and pursue her dream. Chandler accepted Monica for who she is and didn’t try to change her a bit. He accepted her cleaning habit, her always to be best habit everything he accepted of her. A girl always want her husband to accept her for what she is because it’s not the relation of few months it is the matter of whole life and a partner must be the person who understands you well and not to impose himself on you.

It’s very difficult to choose who is right for us and who is not. Everything seems beautiful when we are in love rather when we are in the initial stage of love, when we get to know each other we discover many things about each other. We may find Ross Geller and we may find Chandler Bing they are best in their respective positions, it depends on us what we want Ross or Chandler.

I hope everyone finds Ross Geller for their dating life and settle for Chandler!

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